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Hey everybody it's chuck from stuff you should know here to talk to you a little bit about my brand new podcast called movie crush is where i sit down with your favorite people talk about their favorite movie and i'm telling ya i've been having a lot of fun with the show movie crush community online has been killing it on facebook and if you wanna hear people like john hodgman take natarajan kevin poet paul left tompkins janet barney author john robinson if you want to hear all them talk with me about their general moviegoing phantom history taylor favorite movie checkout out movie crush releases every friday at apple podcast or wherever you get your podcasts off boom or not to boom welcome to the show ladies and gentlemen my name has been benny startled me i'm sorry all was up my intention to startle you he start will be so much that i forgot to announce my name for me so thank you for that i know how you did that though you dropped a bomb on me been dropped the bomb on me night iskoe be is unbeaten in and of course we would be remiss if we did not shout out our super producer good friend casey peg room who is uh who is sipping coffee in and gave us a cheerful a cheerful nod and toast a good day a good data and we're at the very end of the years we record this right yeah yeah i mean the magic of podcast app postproduction will be giving you this episode later but it is in fact very close to the end of the year as we sit in record this right now yes absolutely and a here in the podcast world as we approach the end of the year and vacation times and stuff things can get a little hectic so both of us a little bit punchy filled with some nervous energy as were finishing everything up this week riley and we can relate to this idea of multitask gang and having to really scramble to get things done and.

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