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Would this be a good candidate for? A photograph. They'll be many of those. But, of course, all it shows up as in a photograph is a single point of light. Because You don't see any of these structure the binary structure of it because that's only revealed by the fact that you can watch the way the stars move around with a spectograph that checking de la cities as we call it. So, you know the this a stop. It will be any image taken of that part of the sky with with modern digital cameras. And it'll be. It'll be quite bright because he's a naked eye star, but he won't show anything different about it to to. You know to the casual. Luca, it's only when he saw analyzing the motion of the component styles that you realize that there is something very very special to open this. Yeah, we're on eighties. Six, eight, one nine. Remember that Rotterdam the number. It's A. Wonderful Discovery, and I'm sure we'll get to talk about it again real soon. You're listening to space nuts with your host Andrew Dunkley and the good Professor Fred Watson. All space nuts once again. Shouting at to patrons who support the spice nuts podcast with a few dollars a month into the kitty. We appreciate your support, and we greatly encourage it to bet it's not mandatory, but if you would like to investigate the possibility of being.

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