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One forty in Shrewsbury on the mass pike eastbound is slow to native with work crews by route twenty seven west bound side is looking good steeper as WBZ twenty four hour traffic network now the four day WBZ accu weather forecast there to partly cloudy for tonight with a low of fifty four degrees we'll see lots of sunshine tomorrow to be cooler hi I have just sixty four mainly clear tomorrow night with a low of fifty four degrees some sunshine for your Tuesday turns out warmer with a late day shower height seventy eight the upper seventies with some showers and a thunderstorm again on Wednesday turns much cooler and only in the sixties for Thursday I'm accu weather meteorologist Courtney spammer WBZ Boston's news radio right now it's fifty five degrees in Salisbury fifty nine in Seekonk fifty three in Nashua New Hampshire and in Boston partly cloudy and sixty one degrees sixty seven people are have a date with a judge after they were arrested at a protest outside a coal fired power plant in bow New Hampshire yesterday the activists were charged with trespassing on the grounds of the Merrimack station after more than two hundred protesters turned out for the rally and. called for the coal fired plant to be shut down the protests came at the end of a week of climate demonstrations around the world calling for governments to do more to reduce carbon emissions the protest was organized by non profits such as three fifty New Hampshire whites in democracy New Hampshire youth movement and climate disobedience hydraulic Sherman WBZ Boston's newsradio in sports the patriots are now for endo after beating the bills in buffalo sixteen to ten the red Sox they also won they beat the Baltimore Orioles at Fenway Park five to four the winning numbers in this evening's mass lottery are one nine four six that's nineteen forty six coming up on WBZ it's WBZ flashback I'm Suzanne solves bill WBC Boston's news radio WBZ gets results for thousands of New England businesses if you want to grow your business listen to this from Tom.

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