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Wednesday cloudy, blustery with a high about forty five. We're at forty eight here, but we forty eight lake for a forty six at Aurora. It's forty forty nine degrees. On Wall Street, the Dow industrials down one hundred and twenty points and the NASDAQ off seventy seven WBZ news time three nineteen. And our top story this hour the latest effort by President Trump to get out the vote for Republican candidates ahead of next week's midterms president just landed in West Virginia he'll Indiana before the end of the day. Elsewhere, former President Obama was campaigning for democratic candidates in Florida. We'll have much more disarray coming up at three thirty one. The inspector general for Chicago public schools is recommending the principle of Ogden international school be fired for allegedly faking attendance numbers principal Michael buyer was reassigned after allegedly allowing parents taking their kids on vacations to transfer them out on paper to avoid unexcused absences and to Rian role when they returned it's gone on for three years. According to the inspector general report, the sun times reports the I g says buyer and administrators condoned orchestrated or suggested on enrollment as a means to avoid unexcused absences Ogden largely white and well off merged this year with Jenner largely black and low income. Mike Crausser news. Radio on one point nine FM. What is it? A number states will consider an array of questions and proposals along with candidates next to referendums cover a wide range of issues on the ballot in Idaho. Nebraska and Utah Medicaid expansion. Something already rejected in seven other States, Washington and Oregon will decide on taxing sugar sweetened drinks constitutional amendments on abortion or on the ballot in Alabama and West Virginia. Legalizing pot products for medicinal use will be decided in Utah, and Missouri and Massachusetts will decide whether hospital, nurses, should be limited to a specific number of patients. They can care for at one time. Gary Nunn, CBS news round lake police have arrested a Morongo man accused of forcing his way into his former girlfriend's home and holding the woman and her four year old child captive for several hours police tell the northwest herald Thirty-three-year-old Gary Rier forced his way into the home on high drive yesterday morning instruct the woman repeatedly she suffered non-life-threatening injuries as it turned out a writer was due to make his first quarter. Appearance. This morning. Come Tuesday voters in well to do floss more. We'll have the chance to say if they think it's okay for residents departure at personal pickup trucks in a residential driveway. They're currently as an overnight Bannon teacups and driveways mayor Paul Braun explains. It's all about a steady ordinance originally came in one thousand nine hundred seventy five and time. Pickup trucks and other types of vehicles were really almost always use exclusively for commercial purposes. And I wish you pick up, sir. What's driving you risk ourselves? The referendum is advisory last year. Lost more police issued wonder to twenty-seven tickets to people who park their pickup trucks zone driveways overnight. WBZ news time three twenty one. Legendary entertainer says she still gets stage fright. Nancy Odell has that. And more in today's WB 'em entertainment tonight report during last night's carpool karaoke with late late show, James corden Barbra Streisand says she still struggles performing this after twenty seven years off stage fright Bryson.

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