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Foaming and mel gibson is a fucking batta. He's such a good actor. He is he good and the fact that he was ozzie. Part you and i'll have to agree with you. Titanic and forrest. Gump toffar for for me. The usual suspects okay. Have you ever seen that. I know it's about causes. So when i was really young. Do not tell anyone here. The they need to go and watch the usual suspects a more visit old and a bit hard to get into but know why i struggled with that film. My concentration span isn't great. It's one of those movies where you need to be concentrating so like the whole time. Well you just need to not be mark reynolds correct. And it's hard not say. No but like i actually wouldn't mind rewatching that with the you may be one time because i think you writer really highly. Maybe not you talk to him but for me again. Great great movie and there's a lot of things that happen in you could say they haven't spicy doctor. Okay now he's the other one fifth. It's another kevin. Kevin spacey seven. The loss of david gale. Okay of saying. I have kate winslet inner. Yes yeah great. Movie done off. It's based on a true story. But the life of david gale is another one that will change your loft change the way you think about a certain thing. Another thing for people to go and check out that's about is getting sentenced to death. It's basically about capital punishment. People getting put on death. Roy that innocent and then found guilty talking about films gonna give away. I'm trying to think the why of not fucking it up for run but yeah basically about people that get go to core lawf- sentence you're gonna get muted. And then after the turns out they weren't they didn't do it. I'm dan and a lot of movies on our listeners of saying a lot of great films that's l. top four but anyone listening. We obviously want to say more good films. If you guys have seen any great films that you think maybe we haven't seen or you wanna talk about comment down below in the section and we can discuss them further oregon. There's not one person out there that can tell you a movie. You haven't seen a good movie. Alright it's red. Yeah but you know what. That's all sort of up for the by. Isn't it like Would you watch a foreign movie. Yeah of saying of saint a lot of good foreign films official is law is beautiful which is A prisoner of wool film about the holocaust is. That's not the boy Stroke it's that's another film and there's another one i've seen code amorous peres which is a basically like a another stories with as like parts that sort of like linked together and they applied at different times so i do you know what i fucking height movies just before we wrap this up is movies that go back in time towards tom back in time but back to the future bad example on that maybe now actually hand let me rephrase that movies that are sorry twisted in way..

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