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Think the timeframe helps you there. See the guy that did this? Lee went in there at four o'clock local time in the afternoon. That's right in the middle of your day. You're not necessarily that hunger. If you've had some lunch or had some breakfast, Of course you're getting ready for dinner. But if you wake up, obviously, after just say, an eight hour sleep You walk into a waffle house at six a.m.. Now you've got a better chance to me to knock out like 45 waffles in the first five hours or so. So now you're kind of playing with a little house money over the next couple of hours and getting in there at six A.m. and leaving at six PM doesn't feel as as tragic. He got in there at four p.m. local time and just left Now the overnight hours is going to drag. It's going to be depressing. You're not going to want to eat. The lighting is weird at a Waffle House. The crowd is really weird at a waffle house at that in the middle of the night. I think the time that he tried to do this more as was was inefficient. I agree with that. Although you could argue no TV from a podcast book, some entertainment. There's a few things more entertaining than a Waffle House. And I dare say I would have probably done this on a weekend as well. The A Saturday night late night Waffle House that might be the place to be, he might have had the day wrong, not just the time wrong as well. I mean, we know I've been there at a Waffle House late night. You want to do the overnight hours Saturday night to Sunday morning, man. There's no need for t V. Everything that'll get your juices flowing and you'll get out of there. This Waffle House also had like every waffle House. Quite a number of characters. Lee tweeted as part of this thread that the cook this evening is telling me about the time he got shot in the chest. That he also really likes working here, so These are the types of stories that he's getting BOC's How many waffles do you think you could take down? So I've never had Waffle house so I can't speak from exact experience. But I do love waffles. And I think I'm a sneaky good eater. Um, I want to say That.

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