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Sickle, fueling good power play that went awry when Tampa scored a shorthanded goal and Really? They haven't let up. They've had the momentum since the beginning of the period. Blackhawks in damage control mold here, but see if they can turn something around here in this last 2.5 minutes. Out of the right to lengthen it. Came out the head and left point. He faked on a pass and then I had one into the slot slapped away by you and Mark had the curse shut down into the lightning zone. Now, Soderbergh in the left wing corner, took it back, sends it around on good row couldn't clear Murphy at the right point sends a bouncer in on goal turned out of there by vast Celeski. The other way, calling through center ice crossing the Hawk line, stopping near the right point hit by your door off, knocked off the puck. Soderbergh all clear to center ice and you're off. We'll take the puck back into the hot zone. Give it ahead to Patrick Kane. 1 56 on the clock came navigating through center ice over the lightning line to the left circle. Almost a shot blocker Save is made by Vasyl Lasky. He ain't got a back in the left corner and fired basket. Olesky squeezed the near post to stop that. Now Keith from the left wing corner tries a shot that's blocked. Great play by suitor to keep the fucking life for a moment of the left point in the Lightning zone, But it's brought out by Colin to center. Ice to kill Aren't who works the bucket of the right wing corner. Hawk's own. Don put a shoulder into him, knocking him off the puck. Keith got a head the suitor to cane at center. Ice didn't break it over the lightning lined to center left circle couldn't get a clean shot away, bothered Blackboard..

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