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And the wild. This is the Tom Hartman program. Look today. In the time Harbin Book Club is Fred Kaplan's new book, the Bomb Presidents, Generals and the Secret History of Nuclear War. This is from the introduction for 30 years after the Cold War ended, almost no one thought much less worried about nuclear war. Now almost everyone is fearful. But the fear takes the form of a vaguely paralyzed anxiety is a long reprieve from the bombs shadow. Few people know how to grasp its dimensions. They forgot if they ever knew. A holiday from history began on August 8th 2017 when President Donald Trump barely six months in office, told reporters that his golf resort in Bedminster, New Jersey, that if the North Koreans kept threatening the United States with harsh rhetoric and missile tests, quote They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen end quote. Even those who didn't remember President Harry Truman's similar description. 72 years earlier of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima chairman said, a rain of ruin from the air the like of which has never been seen on this earth. It was clear that in language more bellicose than any president since the end of World War two, Trump was talking about launching nuclear weapons of North Korea. Not if it's leader, King John on first attack the United States but merely if he developed the ability to do so. Then six months later trumps science and released his administration's nuclear Posture Review a 74 page document that called for building new types of nuclear weapons and integrating them with the military's conventional war plans. In short, For treating nuclear weapons as normal. The red lights flashed the alarm bells rang furiously. Get here is what few recognized. None of these notions were new. President himself seemed to departure from the norm. His character, erratic, eruptive, thin skinned, willfully uninformed combusted mix for a world leader with his finger on the button. The button and everything around it or the same. In those decades when most of us chose to forget the bomb as global tensions calmed and fallout shelters crumbled and we turn our gaze to other problems and pleasures. A nuclear war machine continued to rumble fourth in the beyond Top secret chambers of the Pentagon, the Strategic command headquarters in Omaha, the weapons labs in various parts of the country. And the think tanks whose Dan Denizens never stopped thinking about the unthinkable. They all kept at their singular task wrestling with the dilemmas posed by the bombs existence. How did he turn nuclear war? Out of fight a nuclear war if it cannot be deterred. Gotta win it if such a thing is even possible. This is the nature of the nuclear era, and the arrow never never drifted into suspension, even if our attention did Trump snapped us out of our slumber reminded those of us who are old enough to know and inform those who weren't The bomb is still here in public. Over the years, officers and officials have described America's nuclear policy as a second strike deterrence. Given enemy strikes us with nuclear weapons, We will retaliate in kind. Is retaliatory power is what deters the enemy from a tackiness. In reality, though American policy has always been to strike first preemptively or in response to a conventional invasion of allied territory or to a biological or a large scale cyber attack. In any case, not just as an act answer to nuclear attack. All of these options and visiting envision firing nuclear weapons at military targets for military ends. They envision the bomb is a weapon of war writ large. This vision has been enshrined in the American military's doctrines, drills and exercises from the onset of the nuclear era, all through all its phases. Most presidents have been skeptical of this vision. Morally strategically, practically None of them have rejected it. Some of threatening to launch nuclear weapons first is a way of settling a crisis. A few who considered adopting a no first use policy. In the end, I decided against it. There are rationales for these doctrines, drills and exercises and for the retention of the first used option. They're driven by policies, personalities and bureaucratic rivalries, but also by a logic, which once its premises air accepted. Girls. It's adherents and the rest of us. Into a rabbit hole of increasingly bizarre scenarios that seem increasingly of strangely rational, the deeper there probed. Understanding the nuclear era the era of our lifetime. Means understanding the rabbit hole. Who dug it and how we had stuck inside. It means tracing the maze of its tunnels, which is to say the arc of its history a story and meshed in secrecy, some of it still secret, much of it now illuminated I declassified documents and interviews with key actors. Never fully told How did we get to the second coming of nuclear panic? How did we wind up with thousands of nuclear weapons far more than any war aims could justify What propelled the nuclear arms race during the decades long Cold War. And what happened to the weapons and their guardians after the Cold War ended. And how and why did any of this persist? Chapter one, killing a nation book. Fred Kaplan's The Bomb. Thiss is the Thom Hartmann program? Well, happy Monday. What's it going to take a break? Trump's followers Death cult? It's Ah, question I'm gonna ask in the first hour here in our second hour. Jacob Saber off of NBC is going to drop by. We've got some follow up on a private security company that's detaining migrant Children in hotels. The torture of Children continues. And they think that the you know the whole Q and conspiracy thing is is like the Democrats are satanic pedophile, blood drinking Satan worshippers. But who's blocking up the kids and selling them off into the private marketplace? It's the Trump Administration. And in our third hour, Greg Palace is going to be by Steve Bannon, Kris Kobach and the whole build the wall scandal. Gets a little larger. It's very, very interesting, but you know, to start out And my question to you essentially is you know what they're going to take their wake up or defeat the members of the Trump Death cult? I mean, even the professional war criminals, George W. Bush, who told his biographer back in 1999, Mickey Herskowitz, before he was even officially running for president. Said. If I ever get to become president, I'm gonna have a war. I'm not gonna have a short war. My daddy's worldly lasted three days in Iraq. I'm gonna have a real war and get myself reelected so I can then privatize Social Security. I mean the's No way I played the tape a million times for you of You know him, saying that er or of city she had quoting Mickey Herskowitz is but his biographer, the guy that his his parents, George Sr and Barbara hired To ghost write a charge to keep, which was George W. Bush is so called autobiography that came out in 2000. You know, Anne and George just told that I'm gonna have a war. That's that's how you get reelected. Ronnie Reagan showed us how to do that with Grenada. My daddy did that with Iraq. He didn't get reelected, though, because his war only lasted three days. I'm gonna have myself or even that guy George W. Bush is not willing to be on the same platform with Donald Trump. And then you got Dick Cheney the guy who illegally you know, he and Jon you and Jay Bybee. You know, got together along with few other cretins and and said, Hey, let's uh let's let's figure out a way to torture people. Let's let's violate the U. N convention on torture. Let's Let's do stuff that we could be charged. You know, under the number tribunals with we'll get away with it. Don't worry. We've got some good Republican judges. Let's start a private prison down early, a illegal prison. In a third country so that it won't be subject to the rule of law in the United States will call a Guantanamo or get Mo. Even that guy that war criminal Dick Cheney. He's not willing to show up on the same stage with Donald Trump. Or my pets where any of these other grifters I mean, it's pretty bad. When war criminals.

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