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Pumpkin a Duncan step into the fall season with the $3 medium pumpkin cream, Cold Brew or pumpkin spice Signature latte America runs on Dunkin Participation may very limited time offer. Susan Apply Taliban puffins by secretary Only all Kobach over. Any moment that lets you just sit back, relax and enjoy even one second of the day to yourself and taste like pumpkins. That's a moment to look forward to. In the caff, Pumpkin Spice latte is back. Get it $2 small, hotter ice for a limited time or try one of our other freshly brewed espresso drinks from iced caramel macchiato does take caramel frap pays to hot mochas to every sweet treat in between. Only at McDonald's price of participation may buried Hi. It's Jonathan Cotton with a good feed store and I've shared before how I love an organization called Taps Tragedy Assistance Program for survivors. Recently, we invited some taps. Family members who had lost military loved one. To have dinner with us. As we listen to their stories, I was reminded again and how the loss of a military loved one is such a devastating experience. Not only is the loved one gone, but often they lose their military community and sometimes an entire lifestyle. My heart was sad over their grief. Yet my spirit was inspired by their courage. Then, to top it off. I was amazed at their graciousness as they thank us. For just listening at the good feed store. We love helping you get out of pain and back into the life you love and we love supporting the work of taps. Coming today for your free fitting and test walk and ask any of our team members why taps is an organization that every American can support. Visit good feet dot com for the location nearest you. I'm going to the hardware store. Oh, will you pick up 800? Lumen balls 800 more.

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