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Hey Peter it's Michael Barbaro. Are you good. I Imagine I'm catching you absolutely in the thick of it just how in the thick of it like crashing what's going on okay. We saw the prisoners tweet about John Bolton being out as national career adviser and I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about it or is now just not a good time yeah. I think it would be better to write songs. I don't talk a little bit okay. Thank you bye from the New York Times. I'm Michael Go borrow. This is daily today. Peter Baker eventually take the call and explains what happened it to John Bolton. It's Wednesday September Eleventh Peter her hello. Hey I there were you. What a difference. A day makes little twenty twenty four hours in crazy town is John Kelly would call right John. Kelly him so yesterday. Peter you were telling us that president trump was calling off a peace deal with the Taliban which is exactly what his National Security Adviser John Bolton was pushing for and that's probably the John Bolton win now today. Bolden is either uh-huh in fired or he quit depending on who you believe so. How do you square those two well. Sometimes you win a policy fight I and lose the war right in this case did get what he wanted in terms of ending the negotiations at least for now with the Taliban but he had so worn down his relationship ship with the President That by plus twenty four hours later. He's out of a job. I'm your host Stephen Colbert. After we talk yesterday Saturday there was a confrontation between the president and over this very topic nonstop invited the Taliban to Camp David the weekend before nine eleven. That's like there's nothing that's like that people in Vice President Mike Pence's camp were upset at Bolton because of story both Vice President Mike Pence and National Security Adviser John Bolton thought it was a mistake that had come out saying that pence had also been against the Camp David meeting with the Taliban that was perceived by pence's people as away from Bolton's camp to basically enlist allies and say hey it wasn't just him AAC but according to people familiar with the talks trump wanted to be the deal maker who would put the final parts together himself or at least be perceived to be so they deeply resented granted that that was blamed on bulletin fairly or not and so by the time the president talk with Bolton last night feeling we're really raw right because bolden head opposed the Camp David Meeting and so the thinking is that Bolton would have been the one or people around him to get the word out that Oh I'm not alone book even the vice president oppose this meeting exactly and for months the president had been kinda bristling at what he perceived to be John Bolton's overly hawkish. This view of the World John Bolton is absolutely a hawk is up to him. He'd take on the whole world at one time. Okay you know he would even joke about that. I actually temper John which is pretty amazing isn't he was the peacemaker among the two. Nobody thought that was gonNA. I'm the one that tempers him but that's okay. I have different sides. I mean I have John Bolton and have other people that are a little more dovish than him and in some ways that was true because Bolton didn't like a lot of diplomacy that was going. I didn't like dealing with North Koreans. Koreans or the Iranians or the Taleban didn't trust any of them. He didn't think that they might stay in bed with these bad actors. Here's an all purpose insult that you can use who's I'll apply it to the to the North Koreans question. How do you know when the North Korean regime is lying answer when their lips are moving now. You're absolutely as somebody who's looking for the big deal. He's GonNa make a deal with the Taliban. Maybe homemaker deal with Iran again. I think Iran has tremendous economic economic potential and I look forward to letting them get back to the stage where they can show that and that was at the core of the very big differences between him and his national security adviser so what happens this morning well. The morning begins actually kind of normal in the White House there was a meeting of the national security team in the situation room chair by John Bolton as it should normally be without the president a couple of hours later the white it has scheduled a briefing that bolden was going to give in the White House briefing room to the press along with Secretary of state. Mike Pompeo Sector Treasury Steve Mnuchin talk about terrorism offers then attic breaking news just as we begin the hour the United States announcing on twitter his National Security Adviser John Bolton is leaving right around noon comes the tweet from the president. See The tweet from the president right there. I asked John for his resignation which was given to me this morning. I thank I'm John Very much for his service. I will be naming a new national security adviser this week within minutes though comes another tweet in a surreal moment twelve minutes later this one from John Bone Bolan denied he was fired tweeting. I offered to resign last night and president president trump said. Let's talk tomorrow. He saying that he offers resignation and the president had accepted in the words. It was his idea not the president I went ahead and texted him just to make sure we were understanding that he didn't giving us a different version. He was disputing the president. You texted jumble. I texted John Bolton on his phone and he texted back offered last night without his asking slept on it and gave it to him this morning so John. Bolton is disputing the version. The present game he say is not true mm-hmm and Peter. What happens to that press conference. We're Bolton talk well. They still had the briefing low everybody so Secretary Pompeo and I are here today to talk about the president's new executive order with Mnuchin the secretaries of state and treasury and they're there to talk about fighting global terrorism terrorism financing and how they're planning to be tougher on terrorism as we had the anniversary of nine eleven at this time secretary to take a couple of questions should this topic but of course everybody in the room wants to ask about the John Bolton get fired or quit did he what happened to Bolton and what what the back story is of course is that Pompeo have been at odds for months they have been in epic feud over basically the ear of the president share some of the same policy of user user both pretty hawkish conservatives but bump. Heo has done more to stay within the president's good graces. I would say than John Bolton back. Did he leaves the White House because he disagreed with Neil in particular over talks Tom so we asked Pompeii or about this. In the briefing room. Leave leave to the president to talk about the reasons he made decision but I but I would say this the presents entitled to the staff that he wants and I had to say he would know tears shed on his part for John. Bowl and he said look the present deserve to have somebody he trusts and values many times ambassador Bolton. I disagreed that's to be sure when he very openly said look. I had a lot of disagreements so he wasn't trying to even pretend that they didn't have a rivalry places that investment. I had different views about how we should proceed in one point. They were asked for you to buy what occurred today. Would they blindsided by this and both of them grin. I'm never surprised waist and POMPEO said I'm not surprised by anything. I'm never surprised he said Justice issue the pump Hale and are both hawks hell manner. Shan wooded difference might look like for them for example how did bolden handle Afghanistan Ghanistan and the Taliban talks verses pump hail well. That's one area where they were at. Odds on paper was more favorable toward the talk because he knew the president was for in other words. If he were left to his own devices it might not be his particular choice but Pompeo was more willing to subordinate is views to his presidents and that was the lesson he learned learn from Rex Tillerson who didn't do that. The First Secretary State and I'm getting fired as resume Bolton in some ways was policy-wise very different than REX tillerson but in terms of not simply going along to get along he was less willing to simply go along with policy ideas that he didn't favor where he probably went crosswise the president and his people value valued loyalty and they never quite accepted. Ole Miss a member of the team. Does all of that in the end kind of suggest to you that despite this dispute over exactly really what happened no I wasn't fired. I resigned. No I fired you that in the end. It sounds like it was trump who pushed out bone. Well well look at the relationship was broken. It was inevitable that this is going to happen whether it was never happened today or some other day. It doesn't really matter that much because we knew ooh that he overstayed his welcome now as he was no longer really going to be welcomed in that. White House.

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