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Debate prep failure to override I'm only Francis the democratic candidates for president are gathering in Detroit for Tuesday and Wednesday as presidential debate and there's a reason why a Michigan is so important to their party correspondent Jeff Zeleny reports democratic hopefuls gather in Detroit for their second debate this week there's little appetite for re litigating Hillary Clinton's lost in twenty sixteen but the lapse of the blue wall Michigan Wisconsin and Pennsylvania is a driving under current the twenty twenty race here in Michigan one number still seared into the minds of many Democrats is ten thousand seven hundred and four so many votes trump defeated Clinton by ten candidates are scheduled to debate on each night the family of a nineteen year old American under investigation for the slaying of an Italian police officer says U. S. government official has met with the jail teen but again Lee elder went to Rome because as for an eighteen year old Gabriel drawer have relatives there joint is also in custody in connection with the murder of thirty five year old plain clothes officer Maria rank up the Senate has failed to override president trump's vetoes of three separate measures for arms sales to Saudi Arabia correspondent Linda Kenya veto override bill it's all required a two thirds majority in the Senate chamber and all fail to clear that steep hurdle that means the president's vetoes will stand and his plans to sell arms to Saudi Arabia will go forward from veto the arm cell resolutions arguing that the congressional ever would weaken America's global competitiveness and damage the import relationship with the Saudis Congress was upset that the president of by passed a congressional notification requirement when he made the deal with Saudi Arabia the US Saudi relationship has been challenged by the Saudi that war in Yemen and the murder of Washington post journalist Jamal Khashoggi at the Saudi embassy in Turkey Linda Kenyan washing them honoring president Dwight Eisenhower in his childhood home in Kansas we opened Monday after undergoing it's first come comprehensive.

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