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Out why 30,000 homeowners have chosen new look to do their roof. It is to 21 now A pedestrian is dead following a crash yesterday afternoon in Temple Hills police. A 34 year old Rosario Sanchez of Hyattsville was killed when a pickup truck left the roadway and went on to the sidewalk. A second pedestrian. Another adult female, was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. A driver, whose car was hit by the pickup suffered non life threatening injuries but was taken to the hospital. Police are still investigating why that pickup truck left the road. Students, teachers and now some 2000 alumni. You're joining the call for a name change at Washington and Lee University. The Washington Post says they object to the glorification of Confederate General Robert E. Lee, the school's president, has called for a special meeting of the faculty next week. They'll consider emotion to changing the name. It's a historic time in Richmond as the city works to remove its Confederate statues, but tearing all of them down isn't cheap. There are 11 statues in removing all of them is expected to cost Richmond nearly $2 million. That's where Shannon Hartson comes in. He's a real estate agent in Richmond has launched an online fundraising effort, hoping to generate money and help the city pay to take those statues down. He says tax dollars should go elsewhere that we strongly supports from moving. The statues were going to have been the capital of the Confederacy. That's piece of history, but we don't really want to continue to be the capital of the Confederacy. So far, they're just four days of fundraising. He's generated more than $10,000. Nick I Nelly w T o p News. As Americans head into the July 4th weekend, Surgeon General Jerome Adams is making a plea. Adam says he can't tell people whether they should or shouldn't avoid barbecues or the beach. But if they do venture into a crowd, please where a face covering telling NBC's Today show it's vital to stopping a further virus spread amid spikes across the nation, including in Texas the best way that we can both Remain open for business, while also containing the spread of Kobe, 19 is through the strategy of requiring mask. It's a dramatic shift for governor Greg Abbott, who until yesterday had argued against mandating masks. While Adam says everybody should wear them. He worries forcing that might backfire, especially among younger Americans. Many of them will rebel and do the exact opposite soccer Megane Washington. Some good news when it comes to covert 19 symptoms. A new study in Italy shows the loss of smell or taste that some patients experience typically returns within a month. For most Although some can struggle with the changes for longer. Of the 113 adults with those symptoms, almost half said they had completely resolved a month after onset and 40% say they were less severe four weeks later. Doctor still aren't sure why some people lose their smell for longer. Coming up in money news. Student loan rates just got cheaper. I'm Jeff Play ball. It's 2 24 I was ashamed to smile. My missing.

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