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Tara Durant of Stafford says we will have bipartisan support because we all are seeking to bring some much needed relief for Virginia families at the pump Durant says the Commonwealth can afford to suspend the gas tax for three months before phasing it back in Because we have unanticipated revenue of more than 1.2 billion The bill passing as written But only reduced that surplus by 427 million A large local police department the Montgomery county council was about to take a final vote on a police accountability board but they decided to put it on hold Who gets to make a complaint about possible police misconduct that's one of the questions the Montgomery county council members were discussing as they prepared to vote on the bill forming the police accountability board Council member will jawando favors expanding the types of complaints that could go before the board We want our police officers if they see something to say something Police chief Marcus Jones was asked about the status of police recruitment and the potential impact of the legislation People have options when we talk about recruitment to go to whatever police agency they so choose The issue will likely come up again April 19th Kate Ryan WTO news An aggressive fox that has been attacking people on and near the capitol is now captured It happened about an hour or so ago when capitol police tweeted a picture of the fox in a pet carrier a warning went out earlier about the fox it had attacked two people at least including California democratic congressmen ami bera and a reporter for Politico If you ever encounter a fox I don't even think we need to tell you this do we You don't go near it Call animal control It's 6 O 6 after flipping the switch from on to off plans for the buoy ice skating rink Maybe on again And that would be good news since construction had already started The new ice rink would be a single sheet of ice next to the city's golf course on Maryland route one 97 at a cost of about 20 point $7 million Tom and Betty of the Minnesota base two 9 two design groups says the added impact of making the facility was considered lead silver adds to the cost of a facility already designed to be energy efficient We're recapturing heat already for the mechanical.

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