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Too I always want to explain things to, my audience, because I'm not, assuming that everybody is tracking here so it no longer requires what's called a super majority of six Votes out of one. Hundred no right now fifty one votes as majority and that is, that therefore this president no matter whom he chooses has the. Votes to put it through well. Not necessarily because John McCain won't resign the seat and and can't vote. So that's one one down we have to, pro-abortion Republicans that's two more down, what. We're counting on at least one or two of the Democrats in blues in. Red states. That, went heavily for Trump being afraid that if. They vote against the supreme court pick they'll lose their Senate seat didn't dick Durbin just come out. Yesterday with a statement saying that they ought to take the dive Yeah yeah it's nice of him to say he's not risking Senate seat I wouldn't mind that I wouldn't mind picking up a few Senate seats and then, after, the after the election we, renominate the same person in shopping through with the extra votes I can do that all day long Okay so but you're telling. Me but you're telling me that it's going to be close, but what I'm saying is even though it's going to be close we're going to. Have the votes I think we're going to have the votes I'm hoping I I think. The, president should nominate the best person for the job and if he loses the vote right after the midterm elections they'll probably be? One or two new Republican senators and then renominated the same person I don't think the president should pick a David suitor just so that we can squeeze well do. You think that this one thing that that that people have to appreciate about this president is that he doesn't do that he doesn't do things like picking, reportedly was pushing the president to pick one. Of the so-called moderate. Choices, on. His list it because they would be easier to confirm I. Don't think Trump is gonna fall off that nonsense because if he were to pick somebody who code pro-lifers and, religious liberty people like you and me we had the slightest suspicion. About that person I'm telling you that Would suppress turnout in the upcoming congressional elections and all I don't think, enough people are focused on this if the. Democrats take the house The business of government grinds to a stop and the whole house of representatives turns into an impeachment factory and there's going to be a Stalinist show trial of the president based on whatever nonsense evidence or insinuation that they've been able to squeeze out of people like Paul Manafort Paul Manafort by the way is now spending twenty three hours a day in. Solitary confinement in worse conditions than the prisoners had Gitmo because Robert Mueller is trying to squeeze something. Out of him to hurt the president that strikes. Me as cruel and unusual punishment Strikes me as really Troubling for me when when we Sean how the deep state in the FBI and the prosecutors are acting. Like the east German secret police that's the kind of thing we're talking about Wow yeah What I think. Should happen I think the day after the. Congressional. Elections Trump should, fire Mueller and shut. The investigation down with if we won the election then impeachment. Is irrelevant if we've lost the election in patients going to happen anyway why use government money to give Mueller the chance to give more fodder to the Democrats. Or the day after the election win or lose Trump should fire Mueller if the. Democrats win and they're gonna do a Stalinist show trial of. The president he shouldn't the Justice department prosecute Hillary Clinton for the Email so let both trials happen at. Once and let them media. Burn itself out and have a nervous breakdown That's beautiful beautiful spoken like George Washington l. let me ask you a question do. You think the president will choose for the supreme court tonight. This is tonight so some people listen to this program after he's chosen it because it's nine o'clock tonight Many people you, can I always want to say you can listen to this program live. At two o'clock in the afternoon New?.

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