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Anything can happen in sports and often does what's right and who just couldn't see in bones in actually but I think you know how this works Santa's gonna read a question you're going to give your opinion whether it's in bounds or out of bounds and give us your reasoning why you ready let's go let's go all right Erin it is a huh over the past two seasons your minis plays been arguably the most critique in all of football getting benched in twenty seventeen by Bob Mackie due to last season having media experts calling up the giants to draft many replacement well they did and now this year they're Clarice have you on a short leash for the team to turn to rookie Daniel Jones at the first sign of trouble however giant owner John Merrow was as yesterday how we'd like the quarterback situation to unfold this season I hope you'll have a great year down never ceases I mean I I would be in an ideal world see but again it's candidates can be decision by the head coach of someone now for instance is it that you really give you what I mean I was looking to win a lot of games in the playoffs with Daniel doesn't play one snap as a rookie the okay would be very happy about that because it means that we're having a great year yeah inbound or outbound is wise for giants ownership to publicly state they hope Daniel Jones and see the field this is awful and bells on this one.

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