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Baseball and Kansas city rob all right sign any squeezed in between Nick Roman R. TA go demerit will score without a throw how about that Grayson Greiner just back with the Tigers squeezes a single into right field one nothing types can occur soon Jim price they have the call in ninety seven one the tickets but it was Jorge Solaar who had the three run dinner in the fourth inning to put the Kansas City Royals out front three runs to one and that's where we stand right now yeah no Norris's nights done he had three punch outs over three innings pitched he gave up those three runs true Verhagen now on the hill for the Tigers as there down three runs to one here in the bottom of five in KC over the long weekend the A. P. south twenty five went twenty three in the old leaving the ranking mostly unchanged today after a win over middle Tennessee state's Michigan football remaining number seven in the country now despite a win over visiting Tulsa Michigan state's not the same story they dropped one spots to number nineteen today head coach mark Dantonio showing some displeasure over the way his team was playing Friday night so you don't know where to go you got to play with effort and toughness and too many that with too much of that was to me was lacking and I'm a call as I see it up here right now so we can send a message to our our football team and we got a long season ahead of us and we can we can play much better than that retirement paying red wings defenseman Niklas Kronwall he played fifteen years in the NHL all of which right here in Detroit he was one of four defenseman to record at least four hundred career points with the red wings those others being Nicholas Lidstrom reed Larson and red Kelly sports at fifteen and forty five past each hour on W. W. J. traffic.

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