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All right welcome ladies and gentlemen back to a kind of more standard episode of one to review we've been having some fun going over the world see in different festivals and things like that but we're back with a few movies to review for you this week we want to start out by kicking off one called reflection in a windowless house this is a two thousand eighteen film directed by atom nibs it stars well it stars edith higgins and i would say an amazing role that she plays she plays a character named sarah who has two personalities but both of those personalities start to develop two more personalities each again edith higgins's in this jerry bingham is in it gary flora's in it as well an excellent casta a what did you guys think of reflection in a windowless house in artful and maddening film ooh without a doubt and really really just engrossing to look at to the sets the makeup the costume design all really beautiful and well done everything fits together perfectly with the score of course in original score and just really like i said this this movie sucks you in yeah it's it's stupid to say how simply but this was it's a well made movie i think maybe that even is is what i got from you there and how i feel is like in every way it's just it's just good cost him said everything is is well executed i feel it's nice when you can truly relax when you're seeing a movie and just trust they are in good hands you know you know from the first frame sometimes that this is a director that knows what they're doing and actors said know how to handle this real spider web of personalities and really untangle you you with our emotions this is one of the first homes that adam nips the director e mostly is a commercial director from the world of television directing commercials for tv and mostly works with animals this is actually the first kind of feature he's done with human actors you know if you go to kinda the root of acting animal acting you know how to handle animals you know how to handle him it's especially someone as powerful as edith definitely exactly i mean edith higgins is a very versatile actress i want to kind of pump the brakes on saying this was a good movie per se i would say i would say like the assembly and the elements of the movie that were sort of watching are good but maybe there's some problems with maybe there's some problems with the connection between the actress in a role and what i mean by that is a lot of these personalities kind of felt the same and a lot of the direction felt a little too animalistic i mean you know she had a giraffe personality sort of an elephant time personality yeah she definitely played played as a cat and so i think yeah they think that is safe to say that that he there are moments for sure in this film were he directs her you can tell he's treating her like an animal you know and that i don't think that's in the script that those are necessarily animalistic personality traits but for sure in the film he really tax them down into really nailing them as actual animals like you said definitely there's one of the schedules definitely an elephant you know whether she says it or not it's it's clearly an elephant the way she's acting that's crazy i i didn't pick up on that no really no i definitely saw her as a cat i saw her as a giraffe and as an elephant though scenes but i guess you could make those as just personality you know moves yeah other choices brennan in the scene where she's eating lowhanging leaves off of the contrary in front yard he didn't think that look taraf leg at all or to me no i don't think of drafts often the way she was wiggling her lips out in front of her face trying to get a hold of leaf i dunno it just larry good animal work though for sure you know i don't know what it had draft looks like actually i should go on real fast hold on okay well what brennan's good thing that just our users should know that at the core of.

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A new story from One Two Review

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