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It's about saying something in somebody that they might not recognize at that point in themselves. Of carry the confidence and the belief for them until they can catch up with that. And I think. So with that, what have your? Students told you on I know probably a lot. But The thing is something that thing but you've just slow. The gift of tapes in has come alive feel. I'm thinking about your writing in this long periods of time. To right. Did you way for those twenty years thinking I'm going to book someday. or the of volve slowly under do have other people saying. Compete. Book. The books way thank. Go on, give it a much. Give a little water. Say Blue. Quits. It does it does unlined think cousin in your book people often have fangs. Your list assignments is huge. It's like a list of love. And, annual loans. Talking before the interview. It felt very real in that was online those love in the room. and. I'm thinking. OPOKU Slavs important and this big-hearted thing that you're grateful to people in. Uganda it's not just you. It's part of a family and family a supporting each other, and I'm going back to the first question for amsoil little twist on. What has lost twenty s to about love. Way. were. Do.

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