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He's actually whistles this yesterday morning woke up whistling of his lost a tooth and yet lost one of his front teeth opened up a different range. So yeah, it's bizarre. Having your own melodies. Get filtered through. Whistled back to your through a toothless toothless child. Okay. Well, let's listen to to the song. Miss stone stole from the precipice, Paul. Did he? Crass? Visit house down. That is this that opens my finest work yet apple by Andrew bird. So we we think we sorted out. Who says efficient, can you tell us a little bit about about who who he is? And why you were interested in telling his story on this album. Yeah. Well, I I stumbled into it. I because I was thinking about precipice like coming to the edge of precipice. That's how the song became began. Because I. I I've just this is something I was thinking about a lot. So I decided to write a song about like thresholds like crossing over this line like. And. Then I just thought cicis Ryan's with precipice, but that got the ball rolling. So he's agreed king that there was punished by Zeus for trying to cheat death and outsmart the gods. And so he gets sentenced to lifetime of pushing a rock up hill, and it's nearly gets to the top rolled back down. And he just has to keep doing it for a turn ity. I don't know that. That's I I have a tendency to. Seek out struggle. Sometimes you know, it in my own life. I have a I'm drawn to it. I I like to do things the hard way and. And so I was kind of drawn to that story. It seems like it's just a task that's solitary with involving just this man who's has this task. But I thought like what about does it involve anyone else? Can when the rock rules is going to damage is going to roll it into the town to set it extends beyond that an individual to like a community, and and not that cicis had much choice in the matter. But. I took it from there. It's funny. How can start? Somewhat arbitrarily than they worked their way towards meaning. Is it a moment ago that you've at tendency for doing things the hard way? And I'm wondering if there's a musical application for that on this on this album is there's something that you did the hard way here that that in retrospect, you're like man that that could have been easier. Definitely make the hard way. And I think it's worth it. But we this whole record was done. Live streaming live in a room with the band to tape sixteen tracks, you know, limit limitations. There's not much you can do in post when you record that way. But the rewards if you get it right are great. It doesn't sound like records being made today. Some of my favorite records are early sixties jazz records that were produced by Rudy van Gilder and those records are all about learning the instruments bleed into the other instruments microphones and using few microphones as possible, and it's just a natural sound of people playing in a room together. But it can to make that sound extrordinary is a trick. But everyone's I like it because everyone's connected. You know, if you want to change the vocal sound you have to change. Trump sound and a lot of people see that as a problem. But I see that is a beautiful thing..

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