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To you by my friends friends so the dream shifting from what what was the dream sixty Spanish in and of course world domination no expansion into several we are in two states where in Kansas and Missouri very right so you can get a war beard as far as Saint Louis <hes> though we are not nearly deep there as we are here so yeah so just trying to expand more and more states and see how far you can take it. Just try to do it you. Oh Dude smart who smartly cool. Let's talk about a little bit. Mindset again talked about the seasons every entrepreneur every leader goes through seasons. I experienced ones. They know there's always the ups and downs and I mentioned before I think one of the mark anytime you see somebody says I plant the flag of arrived. Step step away that guy because he's GonNa fall. Tell me about some of the dark seen some of the things that you didn't expect in his last six years that really tested you said hey you know what my backs up against the wall here. I'm in the mud. I gotta get out of the mud. And how did you do it man. I didn't didn't expect to take blood pressure medicine until I tell you the the one thing I guess I wasn't used to are ready for was cash flow cashflow yeah yeah and it was just are tied. Go to bed sweating a Mike. I know we have this much out and we have this much. Pay This this is we're not gonNA pay it on time may be dare to lay but it was the principle of it is always did what we said. We're going to do so for us to even pay something. Delay just really killed me and come to find out. There's unfortunately a lot of businesses yeah but but I think if you talk to him to hey this is the circumstance and they're usually pretty understanding not always been and so for for me personally. It was cash well. That was the toughest thing to just get used to even now. I still lose sleep. Sometimes it's a big Krahn me personally right you know in your house and you see things you know you got this here and even running my consulting business same thing as I could try..

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