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Laura roads, Levin explains. Reentry anxiety could involve a number of symptoms, just the sweaty palms to a little bit of nervousness to a full on panic attack, experts say. Take blow a good first outing, maybe to sit outside at a restaurant. Be safe, where a mask sanitized But enjoy your life. That's where your life I've got. That's the part that made me laugh that I was like, really. People might need someone to remind them to enjoy their lives. I don't know, right? I have that. What about Bob? Clip? If you like story, do you? Yeah. Yeah. Let me hear the comparison. When you leave this office. Don't think about everything you have to do in order to get out of the building. Just think of what you must do to get out of this room. And when you get to the whole deal with that whole and so forth baby steps Oh, my goodness. That is it. We have all become America has become. What about Bob that is simply precious. Today. Go to a restaurant. Just take it easy. I could just imagine life. Maybe we should just door you and I in a culture, do an experiment and just start saying to ourselves when we leave places. Okay, baby steps to the car. Baby steps, baby. Jesus asked. Oh, man, I'm sorry that it's where the funny It's new. Unintentionally funniest news stories I've ever heard. Yeah, we are. We are gone. I'm serious. This This is what happens when we abandoned responsibility for our own lives. You know, it's like the congressional candidate I talked to yesterday. Joe Kent. And he said, This isn't about liberal versus conservative Republican versus Democrat This is about who's going to control your life government or you. That's the battle that we're facing. And for all the people who have decided they don't want to control their own life. They're the ones who actually need to get advice from a news reporter about how to walk out of the house and get back into society. By the way, if you suffer from reentry anxiety The Dorie Munson show wants to hear from you. Text me at 98 97 3. 98 97 3. And let me know I'm getting text already. 4 to 5. Reentry. Anxiety is one of the stupidest made up mental diseases I've ever heard. Two Oh, six. That should be the side. The end is near. Can't read this one. The 36 hours. I have re entry anxiety every time my wife and I have now I can't read that would never mind. Never mind that baby step. Yeah, man. Uh oh. What? Snowflake Since the 36 off, 253. Apparently we're now a nation of wimps. Whatever happened to that tough cab Do American spirit. This is truly sad. Can you imagine? If we went back to the founders, the settlers of Seattle, you know the Yes. Lear's and the Denny's and the people who built the city. The lumber Jackson, the fisherman. Uh, the people in the city of Seattle burned down. They rebuilt it in record time. Does you know what 120 some years ago? And can you imagine if you're right after the Spanish flu of 1918? If there were people who were saying I can't go out, Okay, I'm gonna try to walk down the street. Do the little Laundry place, baby steps. Can you imagine what the people back then would have said about us? Yeah, Okay. I've got a good way to log about reentry. Exide, but that is funny. Speaking of reentry anxiety, Look who's back in the workplace. Called Thompson after a week off. Celebrating last time we talked to you, Nicole. You were almost tearful. It seemed almost certain that you were not going to be able to go with your five friends to Hawaii, where you rented a house for your milestone birthday because you tested positive for Cove it and there was almost 0% chance. You would test negative in time to go to Hawaii, and then a miracle happened. Dead. Have. I did tests negative. So some people test positive for profit after they haven't for up to three months. The average is like two weeks ish and I was able to test negative five days after I tested positive so Who It was a close one, but I made it. And I told you why don't you want power of prayer? A bunch of people praying for you. Absolutely. And I posted a video from my my dolphin adventure on my birthday and posted it on our show page and thank everybody because For sure there. I was feeling good vibes and lots of prayers going into going into that best. Now It was great. I was so happy and I'm very thankful. I mean, obviously, people having a lot of or so covert that I did, And of course I made it through and I'm full of antibodies now. I have made it through the rain. Named the That artist made it through the rain. I know who it is. I made it through the rain found my point of view. Who is a John? Are you singing Madonna? I made it through the rain and found myself something something It's fired. Okay, You're listening to grand on two and made it through. Come on, the great Barry Manilow matter with you to. Ah, lot of things, apparently. Yeah, well, you pledged to bump out of the fastest 15 with I made it through the rain in tribute to Nicole going to Hawaii. Shawn. Yes, but I'll have to take baby steps to get there. Okay. I understand. Your reentry into Berry boom, Latin's nous his SOG Buck. It's very suck book for crying out loud. What's wrong with everybody today? What's wrong with America? Okay, let's Can we please get to some deals here? In the fastest 15..

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