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Last few seasons lost we games of the season ificationbut. I've taken a positional. James prowse suit. Caribbean lucky at nook and a spot in the team but again with you've played anyway probably not so said we'd be because clearly has favorites. Said if you had these favorites what's the point of taking people who are just going to sit on the bench. Friday entitlement play. You might as well take players. He's actually going to end up. Rotating going forward at ford's got dominic covid loon filthier foton jack really show really happy about seeing because he you know. He ended the season quite badly. These injury and stuff and i think he because he doesn't play some of the big marquee clubs. You never know you know might end up leaving. But he's going to be the real the the killer will it comes Who performs best for england euros you. Hurricane market radford seco- jiji essentially and rain study mukesh. Probably lucky to get into a team if you think about people that are informed playing well jesse link is very lucky not in especially considering the last six months or so that he's played out west time. It's just the same way people saying always only played walled lost six games. 'cause double sinuses insane on darnold played pre. The first half of the season turned on the second. Half of the season. A mood has the second the last quarter of the season. A nice back in english. Go to recent much. But then when people bring up jesse lynn. Gaza only played for one half of the season because he got. He went on loan from january onwards. But he's still performed still outperformed market. I think he's maybe the second highest score englishman outside of harry kane even above some dominic covid lewin. I'd imagine for the versatility of jesse lynn guard. The fact that you can play with food you can play up front. He's of playing terms is one touches. he's you know he's pace off the ball. He's on the ball. This kind of you know. He's basically a really good impact cyber if he doesn't start he's really good command for the bench. He's a big game player. He's got dinner survey studying performances for England into euros of course in the world cup. You'd imagine he'd be a great addition of raw this squad harmony too good vibes guy. Germany very popular people within the eagles setup but again sometimes when famous out their favor sedan so there is some real for him. Actually maybe still getting the squad because i can easily see. Somebody's special like registered. Who just everyday was saying that he was been injustice of timber is author his go into the years but again you know let it be let it be to begin to barack. Obama say makes sense. I guess for some people so let's see matters a fairly decent squad again natural big surprises i think overall especially considers saf case of a collapse that he's does for the year especially in a fairly stuff a good indication of who he kind of favors go forward just a right back situation as a real in my in my head i think the base of over the start the season about who's going to take and the idea that he might have to leave tonight. Oh that home. Kind of made him include four in salvage just wild four rightback's just legitimately one of the things seen in my life. But hey let's see maybe it won't really count for nothing anyway because it's like it ain't gonna progress that fog. Ford i think is very very unlikely. Nixon terms of sporting news. we have discussed. You'd deaf letting jake. Paul former your champion town would agree to boxing. Match pre insane in utah. Jake former w ufc walkway champion. Tyron woodley have agreed to a deal for a book. She met show since mike copying a palmer..

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