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Our hometown. At talent these days, of course, Steve Patterson knocked it out of the park for the second time second week in a row on live with Kellyanne Ryan, if you haven't seen it whim, sue swimsuit, and a t shirt she wanted him to do a Speedo and all of us that know in love him. Thought that maybe he should preserve a little bit of his self respect. That was a good idea. I made a comment yesterday on twin cities live that it just doesn't matter. How young or old how fit or fat a Speedo does not look good on a man. This is true. Unless unless it's in like, you know, I don't know the Mediterranean. Commercials. It's different if it's underwear versus a Speedo a Speedo always says like, hey, yeah. Yeah. Little rhody. We'll certainly not one of those. What are the what's that guy's name with the thing with the thing that Speedo the weird Speedo or at? Yes. Yes. Yeah. If you missed it, though, I know the mytalk one zero seven one Facebook page posted we have a mustard on the twin cities live Facebook page, and then of course, tune into twin cities live this afternoon because we'll be discussing all of the fun behind the scenes stuff of Steve live, very cool air Ryan, which is great. I don't know. I did wanted to give another shoutout quickly as I just embrace Oliver Minnesotans who are giving such national pride. If you are not watching this season of top. Chef you guys who are so missing out unjust in Sutherland who is crushing it. He is the chef at handsome hog and then Pearl in the thief in in Stillwater, which disclosed is going to be something else. But he's got all these projects in the works. He is representing Minnesota. So well, I just caught up on the most recent episode in which the contestants were challenged to make a dish. That was connected to music that's really influenced them, and he made this dish. That was all about purple rain. This purple cabbage that like looked and felt like purple rain and served it and he accidentally dropped one of the plates. And so he only had nine points to serve to serve ten. So he couldn't win, but they still loved his dish. And he's just doing really, well, he's really liberal with the Minnesota references. Oh, good. If you like that just say big at all he has a just a slight Minnesota accent. He's from apple valley. He wants to see we always talk about Colleen how everyone's accessible went to high school with her. I have a few. A little younger than me. He actually went to high school with my sister. So but watch top chef you should binge watch. The I think like six or seven episodes because he's really going far and he's doing great pasta. And then we have our dear Lindsey Vonn hometown heroes. Another hometown hero. She will permanently. Hang up her skis this month. She shared on Instagram that the world championships in Sweden, which are running through February seventeenth will be her last events as a professional alpine skier. I don't think anybody is surprised by. But he's had a long. I mean, she's had a long road with injuries. And oh my gosh. But how much she has come back. I mean, she has so many challenges she originally planned to retire at the end of the season. But she's had so many injuries that she said, she's just no no longer able to compete the way. I know. I can't think that's gotta be so hard for an athlete to have to confront that reality when their body won't do what it has done and. You know has been their life, especially when you're you know, she's only like thirty four. Yeah, things. So it's kind of an interesting thing that you expect your body to start to push back and give you some limitations as you get older, but at thirty, you know, thirty four and this has been her identity for so long. I mean, this has been family left. Minnesota went to Colorado to move their struggle like professional athletes in general, just because you're going to age out of your industry a lot more quickly than the rest of us. You're going to have to come up with a. One interesting thing is that she talked about this was a few years ago. She was asked if she had ever at any point wanted to quit skiing and Lindsey Vonn said that when she was sixteen she was competing, and she said I wanted to quit because I wasn't very good. I kept falling. And I couldn't figure out how to not fall. She had crashed and fallen in fifty out of the fifty five races that she competed in at the age of sixteen. And then she said, I didn't really make any money. But my dad helped me and I hired a trainer and I just kept working hard in the next season at turned around. And I started to better, and I continued to work hard. And she said what I've learned from my injuries is even if you fall you can always pick yourself back up. That's another lesson. I think from athletes that we sort of forget about you see the shining moments, but the fifty out of the fifty five races von felon. Gold medalists. You don't hear about those? And that's probably what helped her become that. Yeah. Anyway. So fun inspirational Minnesota stories today. Thank you. This weather really socks, and I don't know. It's felt a little intrusive. The last two weeks that's such a fully Minnesota. It was a little better than the problem is like I love the snow. I love the winter. I mean, I live here for a reason I like it. But when but I have felt several near death experiences because of the weather, and that doesn't feel great guys. I mean, I have nearly fallen and. People say, the snow is it's the worst that you, you know, people are like workout because against some Arabs and things don't work out. You're working out. So that you can stay standing because I can't tell you the number of times that I've you know, like almost fifty but thank God for inner core. Strength. Your your core sizes, and you're going to you're going to have a better shot of staying. If you do fall, you gotta be able to like take the impact of whatever your body weight. This is why I like to maintain extra cushion in the booty has I wanna make sure if I go down, I got a little extra violence. Outed, Mike garage. And it's always like the place. You're least expecting like you're like, I'm fine. And then you take one step out of the garage onto the driveway. And I almost went flying. What is going? I gave a massive electrical poll that is located right outside of my garage in our alley a giant bear hug to because without it. Yeah. I would have fallen to my death. I slipped and it was like I was a cartoon like, but a little my legs were spending. And I grabbed the pole and it caught me. And then I honked it and just hugged it. And I'm sure your heart was just like the weather has been in truce. Yes. Absolutely. If you're looking forward to some new music, there's a new single on the way from Miley Cyrus, and Shawn Mendez, they're hard at work putting the finishing touches a new single together. It's going to drop in the coming weeks is what TMZ is reporting it will likely end up on a track on my lease new album. And this is the first time they have paired up for any type of collaboration. I fully support any any Miley Cyrus music. Yeah. Party in the USA.

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