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In Antwerp another leopold statue was torched and splashed with red paint. Yesterday we spoke with artists Laura Singer. Her twenty eighteen work called people was a giant statue of Leopold made of ice that slowly melted away. She told us this time. Right now is a turning point with I had this vision of melting local decision I thought would take a few more years if my craziest dream didn't think that's in two years, this would happen. I really think that all the status are leaving there. The last hours in that's incredible to experience in my lifetime. And that statue in Antwerp was in fact living its final hours it was taken down today by authorities and brought to a local museum. The World Health Organization has a recommendation for Brazil. It's too soon to reopen. Brazil has more than seven hundred thousand confirmed corona virus infections. Only the US has more Brazil's death rate has also skyrocketing. The University of Washington studied now predicts that it could reach five thousand deaths a day by early, August, or maybe not Brazil's government has started hiding its corona virus statistics. Michael Fox has more from Brazil when political scientists Luciana Santana went to check Brazil's latest official government statistics on the spread of Corona virus last Friday. The site was down. When it came back up a day later it showed only the number of dead and new cases over the previous twenty four hours gone where the overall count the death rate and the state-by-state breakdown, all of the data on the pandemic Brazil had been wiped clean. The government to President Bush. Don't says it's not coming back Luciana says that's a serious problem for capital she. Key was flooding norm to local. It's worrisome because local health officials use information from the Ministry of Health to make qualified decisions so this process. Totally messed up the fight against the pandemic across the country Bolsonaro tweeted that it was a necessary change as the overall figures did not adequately reflect the current state of the virus, but his opponents blame him for trying to hide the country's increasingly dismal reality amid the growing pandemic, and they.

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