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Like that's really been a key to my success over the last ten years has been like saying yes to business that I didn't know how is gonna handle and figuring it out. We talked about, like at that point, how you define success when you were desperate while at this point, when you're at the peak of your success, how do you define it now? You know, now I define success by by hitting goals that I set for myself and it's not about money, right? It's not about lifestyle. It's not about building a bigger team or anything. It's that I set goals for myself and I write them down every year. And if I hit those goals, I've been successful that year. If I don't hit those goals and I failed that year, that way success isn't this big, lofty thing that's up there in the clouds and you know. No, it's not just like I'm gonna be billionaire like that's, that's stupid, right? That's there's no plan of action. That's that set there. There's nothing that drives me crazy or than someone who comes to me says, know I'm an entrepreneur, this do this is what I sail. I sell this. I do this building this company, Mike. Okay. What you last week while I was in Hampton's last week, but golf on Sunday, but like Monday through Friday noon. Like if you want to build your own business, you do it seven days a week. I did not take a single day off for three years, and it's easy for me to say now really, really hard to do, and it's really hard for a lot of people to do as well shift to figure out what you really really want and stick to it. The other thing I would say is you don't have to do it by yourself when you start. That's probably a mistake that I made. I think it would have grown faster, but I started by myself because I didn't stick. I didn't have that stick to to real estate. I didn't really know that that's what I wanted to do is kind of weird. I didn't see myself as being a real estate broker. I didn't even like real estate brokers, and so I was doing other things at the same time. If I may be worked on someone else's team. If I had maybe worked for another company, if I'd maybe learned by watching successful people do what they do instead of just trying by myself to do it would have been better. Well, thank you so much. I really appreciate Hank you for having me. Thanks for listening to this is success from business insider. We have one more inside fact about Ryan, sir, hint to share with you, but I, our shows produced by Animas rackets and Sarah Wyman dam. Bob is our executive producer in. I'm rich felonious few like our show. There's something you can do to really help us though it just a second and give us rating and leave us reviewed a, tell us what you think about the show. Both of these help new people find the series which lets us keep making great episodes for you. For you go, we asked Ryan sir hand to tell us a fun fact about himself. Something most people probably don't know when I first came to New York City. I was on a soap opera. I did as row turns Evan Walsh. The fourth most people don't know which is kinda weird as to how my life has turned out is I got on that show by winning in internet reality TV show called in turn, and it was on CBS dot com. And I auditioned for this internet reality show to find the next soap star where they took twelve actors into a loft in Brooklyn, and we had to fight to the death every day through some sort of audition like the dying, audition, the crying, audition, the love, seeing audition in somehow I made it to the end and I won and it was on the internet and that's how I got onto that show. And then years later, I find myself as a real estate agent who's back on reality TV. I'll be back in two weeks with another episode of this is success. Next week you're going to get something a little bit different in your feet, and it's going to be the first episode of business insiders, new podcast, household name. Here's a quick preview. The.

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