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It's not funny. Oh no i gave it a one. Yeah i'm right there with you one for me to this movie to your point like even even the kills there weren't even like a lot of kills now only a couple of people died in. This movie has sequels. Yeah so they decided like you know what this topic we haven't. We haven't explored everything we needed to in this topic which i agree to a certain extent because i think if you have a psychotic dentist like like they do with dr giggles have some creative fucking bullshit that he can do yanking. The teeth was great. Like i like that because that made me cringe right but the rest of everything. I don't think any of the kills. Maybe i'm wrong involved. Dentistry league he like you the thing to the head. He strangled another person. He sad person just dumb. Shot a dog and the rest and the other people live the irs guy. I think live. I don't think he'd died. Died probably wanted to fucking mouth. Westridge like was it and saw where. Oh yeah. there's there's a bear trap anyway. A one overall fucking dentist stupid. David like i said on the surface. You're like okay. Stuart gordon brian using a booking. Alan howarth yeah get all the pieces births you mark ruffalo come on yeah you got you got the rough. You got four eight. Yeah hold the pieces were there. Whatever thoughts on the dentist or doctor giggles or david's prostate and my butthole any potential polyps instead butthole please give us Please reach out to us contact us. How can the contact us. David fantas on social media on twitter facebook in the slasher app. We are the swear words on instagram. We're this we're wolves podcast. We had the squirrels youtube channel. We have our website. This where wolves dot com where you can email us at swirls podcast at g mail dot com for. This was this week i'm brett. I'm david trojans is them.

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