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The rebels in the lobbies Well I certainly hope not I mean I think these restrictions are actually fairly mild Masks and the so called plan B we have been talking about for some weeks It's a COVID part of the lateral flow test that shows into major venues as being normal for many people for some time and it's certainly been the case in Wales And if we'd have done some of these before and earlier again then we might not be now facing this sort of immediate crisis only a few days before Christmas Do you think that the rules should be extended then to pubs to other venues to restaurants Do you think that the restrictions the plan B restriction should be widened even if it's not a full lockdown I think we have to hear from the government very clearly over the next few days But again they have to be cohered across the piece The hospitality industry in particular I mean I know restaurants here I am in Bristol Thousands of pounds every day as people are canceling People thinking to themselves do I want to risk Do I really want to save Christmas myself and my family And those businesses have to be supported as they were earlier with the furlough scheme and that very clear conversations and messages That was Karen Smith the labor MP for Bristol south speaking to us on plug Westminster yesterday Well the FT reporting that the confederation of British industry is calling it a lockdown by stealth We'll have much more British politics Bloomberg Westminster at 12 noon today lunchtime Jess Phillips the labor MP for Birmingham yardley will be with us a member of Keir Starmer's shadow cabinet She's a really key voice so do join us for that or download the podcast from Apple music or your preferred radio app It's on London DAB dish radio at 12 noon Right Leon Garret has the.

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