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That seemed to be the theme of the night, Clemson seemed ready for virtually everything Alabama through them. Stop them on third down there. Alabama kicks the field goal that gave Alabama the lead at sixteen fourteen at the start of the second quarter. From there. One word Clemson ball. Just inside the line left past Mark Lawrenson, the guy running on his left. And it's a hand off. The gap between the center of the right guard. Travis Rodgers wanted most. Comes back to the line. It's a shovel pass. Run to the right after awards took the shotgun snap. He took a couple of steps. Stop shuttled it to. Anthony Jennings with on the tackle Alabama crowding alive. They're left end of the line is that they might. Tight end it is fresher and more back. I midfield. Was sucked to find out the Alabama. Defenders around him. Another long touchdown. Seventy four yards ball just outside the five yard line. Third and goal left pass, Mark. They're going from right to left receivers decide large back out of a shotgun. Touchdown. He didn't have it for very long as he cut from the far side right across the middle. Alabama.

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