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Is Nascar live now back to Mike Bagley. Welcome back to NASCAR live one year ago. History was made at other clubs. Speedway need to refresh your memory of that race. Here's a NASCAR live backtracks. We want to see what is new package is going to do. Everybody's is paid paying attention to it. This is very very key race today to Nascar D. C. Officials GonNa Work Ready Ready Go. Green black goes in the air and the auto club. Four hundred is underway from the outside lane. Pole-sitter Austin Dillon tries to get out in front of Kevin. Hart Van Will Be Austin Dillon. Leading the field the turn number one for the first time in immediately fan out two and three y throughout the field covered no gap no-gap Clara which is almost like the five wide forbe's than we saw him free race. Here comes Kyle Busch okay. That name on the car traffic And now brought a little bit. But let's play with Al Prod. Obviously we got a smelter overall term guys. That is Austin Dillon. Slow off the pace. The bottom of the racetrack at that is smoke. Trailing from that car is he moves it on the apron out of the way up the back straight away. It'll be a one lap dash to the green white checkered flag. That concludes states number one. It's all they head back to turnover wine it's Denny. Hamlin at the front of the field on the older tires here comes. Kyle Busch on the fresh tires right to the bottom of the race track. Kyle Busch assumes the race lead in your crashing behind Ricky stenhouse. Junior's son. Help the top record behind you help. The top helped any get up. Top spent how upon yellow yellow yellow yellow. All right. We'VE AMOK. We can stay here. I'll be for the segment at the tire. Hoping they don't let him jump back in the eleven you had by Kyle. Busch will sweep. Stage wins here this afternoon. He's done that twice previously forty three come on down here so pat the pace car peeling off pit road. Don't real- In pit road and right now. They're getting ready to hit hit road. We'll see what happens here. It'd be paid on. Don't pat them. Forty seven allred Friday here. They haven't stuck a wrench in the back window this car all race long. That remains story here. No adjustments for race leader. Kyle Busch Clear Wall one blue. No more want blue mustard for speeding. Kyle Busch and his Joe Gibbs racing teammate. Both of them will have to restart at the back of the field yet. Who Fast Thirteen any car driver? Back up they're gotta pay ourselves doing the broker the team penske boards out front. He's going to have to run them down. Those guys people ended up ahead of it. Then keep dig on all the Wiki grab guys in front of scrabble weekend. You get when they around Kyle. Busch with a big drop in big run to turn one twenty to run it. Bid Tap the big covered front for Kyle. Busch from I straight away. Go their full full bill their bill there fill. They're all the way back to the top spot is Kyle Busch team penske and children's racing best two teams of the season so far they occupy the top position driving away here on thirty seven. What a comeback. A speeding penalty is made his way. Back KYLE BUSCH TURN POOL. A milestone win track where. He scored his very first cop. Victory here comes kyle. Busch off number four kick apply to undercut job guys. Bush have one here at the auto club speedway winning the auto club. Four hundred and national win number two hundred for the Las Vegas Native thirty three year old driver was win win. Window Paddle Work Brexit gun and yesterday. How many in a row. How many doesn't matter we'll today when I say Thanks for letting us be a part of you are the best time in his NASCAR national series career and fifty third time in the premier series since that two hundred win. Kyle has gone on to win eight more races. In Nascar's top three divisions. It'd be interesting to see where that number is at the end of his hall of.

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