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Joining Nancy Pelosi on stage. Congressional democratic leadership. James Clyburn, Barbara Lee. Benny. Currently the house GOP has two hundred thirty five seats in the house of representatives. It's looking like the Democrats could pick up thirty five seats. So that would bring the House Republicans down to about two hundred two hundred and eighteen needed for the majority. But Steve Scully has more results this morning, and Peter we're focusing on the house races. Take a look at Georgia's sixth congressional district keep in mind, Karen Handel, she won and that special election last year, and it is essentially tied with just a handful of votes between the Republican incumbent and Lucy MacBeth who is the democratic challenger and keep in mind that Lucy MacBeth is a gun a gun rights advocate. Her son was murdered in two thousand twelve which essentially led her to run for this seat. And so we will be keeping an eye on Georgia's sixth congressional district. Let's head out west in Utah. The fourth congressional district were NIA love hoping to hold onto her seat. But then mcadams has been maintaining his lead. With nearly seventy percent of the vote now in he has about fifty one and a half percent compared to nearly forty seven percent for the Republican incumbent in California's forty eighth congressional district. We'll go to Nevada's fourth congressional district. Kristen hardy who is the Republican candidate. With about nine percent of the vote. Now reporting has sixty six percent Stephen Horford has twenty seven and a half percent. California's forty eighth congressional district Harley Ruta the democratic candidate is increasing his lead over congressman Dana Rohrabacher, the Republican incumbent who's been in the house of representatives for three decades. But this could be another potential pickup for the Democrats in Washington, Kim schreier who is the candidate to defeat. Dino Rossi has increased her lead more votes now in that congressional district with about sixty four percent now in the democratic candidate has nearly fifty three percent of the vote. There was a poll in Alaska's at large. District showed Dongyang behind by one point. But now you see the actual numbers in that race. He is holding a lead fifty three percent in that at-large seat. He of course, is the dean of the house of representatives a reminder that you can check out the results on our website as well as speeches the victory and the concession speeches on demand as we get more of them tonight, especially out west in Arizona in Nevada. But we've collected so far it's all there. Available for you to check it out at C span dot ORG eater. Now, the hill newspaper is tweeting out that Stacey Abrams suggests a recount will take place in the Georgia governor's race. You can see it there. Bryan camp up a little over fifty percent. Stacey Abrams at about forty eight point seven or so percent. That's where that race stands. Now. A couple of hours ago Kellyanne Conway came out to the White House lawn to speak to reporters about the White House. React. To tonight results. Gubernatorial.

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