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Brits doing a qna with me for an audience in one of those tents and and roger god said he had he he always found a way to kind of take the piss out of me one way or the other had that he always found a way because roger always was a fan of mine i mean he liked my stuff fortunately taste but he but he still would bring up something every now and then and and usually when he didn't like it just like with you Anything i've ever done that you didn't like so much. I probably didn't either. I leonard rod is always agreed with was different so anyway surrender said I do have something from. I guess it's trauma films. Maybe it was this that that We wanna present you with something here in front of the audience of burma movie that you did that. I'm sure you're very proud of. But you're gonna be really proud that i have actually got a dvd for you. That has been changed in your honor. And i was like wow so. He hands me a dvd of Chopper chicks in zombie town. Which at the time. I did it. It's about a female biker. Gang who come into this town. There's always zombies and everything. And i'm the the husband of the lead biker girl Seven girl bikers robert loses daughter was one of them and and christina lucia and and so anyways i'm just out there in the desert and like randburg california of feeling really bad and So this movie is nothing that i think is ever going to come back. Because i'm like that. You know tenth lead in this thing Eight tops. i'm from issue. Because all the girls i don calfo was an remember don kalfa character and he was in that ed gale the guy who played into little suit for howard the duck howard the duck and So anyways so. Roger has this dvd. And here's a movie. That like. I said i'm way down the list and the cast now the front of chopper chicks zombie. Towns says starring academy award winning with a giant picture of life. That's a treasure treasure. Still got that thing. I hope you. I hope you do now. Do you remember. Do you remember one of your favorite lines that billy bob had the one that that after you saw this particular movie. It's the first thing you had to say to me. Oh well but i can't say it. I won't say f- well in bad santa. When you end the grams character are in the hot tub. No no he's in the car. It's in the car cars in the car. We had one of each. Yeah well it's it's what she says to you in the in the throes of ecstasy. Yes correct that. Do something to be santa me. Santa me santa my dad. There's there's the line of the orient house the movie. It's good but i there's the i'll.

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