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Visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet it's twenty five till accu weather dot com meteorologist tethers there gives us an update on the high heat this weekend and some severe thunderstorms are on tap there will still be thunderstorms working their way across portions of Minnesota as well as Wisconsin for today and they're going to push eastward into parts of Michigan as well we currently have some storms on going along the north and South Dakota border as well that's going to move eastward as we head through the morning hours and we are still looking for locally strong storms to be an issue severe weather is going to be a possibility and that is most likely going to be an issue across central portions of Minnesota and over into Wisconsin for today and into tonight as well as into western portions of Michigan we're looking for all of the typical forms of severe weather including a high likelihood for tornadic activity through central portions of Minnesota that's likely to be for this afternoon and on into the early part of tonight especially jails to the south of there across southern portions of Minnesota the heat is still going to be quite intense for today and in fact it's spreading compared to where it was yesterday more areas are going to hit the nineties we're also looking at more areas hitting triple digit heat in fact in general most of the eastern two thirds of the country will have readings of ninety degrees or higher for today and it's going to be fairly sunny as well and that's going to mean that along with high humidity accu weather real feel temperatures are going to be over one hundred and in some cases up about one hundred and ten to one hundred and fifteen degrees that's the nation's whether my Maggie weather dot com meteorologist others air revised settlement for motel six guests to save the national chain invaded their privacy by giving their information to immigration authorities is returning to court of federal judges to decide today on the proposal increasing to ten million the amount available for lames twenty three till coming up other studios are standing down as this potential blockbuster hits theaters this weekend this is America in the morning I'm John trout president trump is trying to distance himself.

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