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Telling you based on your experience and things like that because they know and i think we lost a potential member just because he in reality joined the wrong ride i i. I was fortunate that when i first started doing group rides. It was the the trek sunday morning rides and that that group is extremely friendly. It's a no drop ride we regroup anywhere from two to four times in the twenty five miles if the groups big enough when we get to a certain point the people wanna do along faster pace rydell split off and maybe do thirty five or forty but you know i that got me hooked on writing and if i if i didn't join that group for the first time i don't know that i'd still be riding to be honest with you so to me. You know having that like minded writers but also having a group of people that make it social and not just writing by yourself. It's a it. It would keep a lot of people involved in the sport more. I would agree. Yeah that's one thing. So whenever i really got back into it i draw described as a lone wolf. I didn't really ride with other people. I just kinda did my thing. And that's probably one of the reasons why still hammer but like the the group ride dynamic has actually taught a lot that is intangible in many ways whether it's etiquette or you know just pacing methods and of learning off other people without actually being officially taught anything but that's that's where the social element comes in. I think that's really important but one of the other more important things like you said you know group rides. Obviously there's new roads and routes like we talked about in the intro. Where you know. The the knowledge of the collective so to speak and one ride leaders are expected to keep a ride on like really suitable roads which means that they know the area really well a so. A club run is a great way to kind of build your internal routes that you wanna have like for instance out by me. I have about ten different routes that are structured in different ways and it would have been a lot easier. Had i talked to a few people have been a part of that. That local group out. Here i would have learned that you know. One of them is heavily service by world trucks. And you probably should not go on it unless you want to die. Yeah and that's that's the big thing with with learning new routes is. It's not necessarily how good or bad the road quality is but it's also the combination of what kind of traffic's on there and there's even some there's even some back country roads that are pretty quiet that.

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