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One seven two hundred phone number Hey Denise this is John thanks for calling John what's excellent read it's called King John excuse my the whole pop scenario lap right with a wet noodle it is called my dear Hamilton if they hit the genre circle section and it's also the point of view hi Mrs Hamilton absolutely intriguing I presume Britain with some authenticity right Samantha yes definitely yeah and there's at the end there's a wonderful just and not even footnotes I very very much an explanation of how this happened and why she changed her career in the course of that then it's just the most interesting read I think you will enjoy it when he died he left her and the children penniless right at all yes and I did not realize the friendships that she had formed with some that were his alliance at one point but then totally shunned him it's just really it's a very different perspective but again it's a historical fiction genre but extremely interested and he said a new book my dear Hamilton yeah it's it's kind of a new report yes really enjoy enjoy it I will and I'd love to hear comment when you when you have finished thank you all and I'll ask my friend Thomas Jefferson about that and I promise you he's not going to like it he I'm sure he will he will not he was no absolutely not all right all right thank you so much and thank you for your show yeah I appreciate that that's how it works here three one two nine eight one seven two hundred give me another one to read by the way somebody else mentioned this about hidden valley road did you read the part where the father was a falconer and he was instrumental in the Air Force academy's mascot being the falcons while that's a coincidence well not exactly I mean that's why they said so he got the no it's a coincidence that he's the guy with all these kids and everything yeah right I mean either would be may be kind of interesting stories he was in the navy didn't work out well then he quipped that he was going to join private practice of law then he re enlisted in the airforce and rose up farther there he was briefing generals about major military operations and he was a falconer sometimes when you're doing interviews I go in your office and try to find books to read because I but I'm more interested in novels but you have two or three additions still of the books say and say nothing yeah and if you read that Griffin reddit and I'm about a third of the way through okay and that's about the troubles in Ireland what is the best book I've read this year well a lot of people say really was one of the best books written last year and it's some it's it's Justin I do this all the time Steve I pick up great books and put him down and it's it's a shame because I'd I'd love to finish them but I just am not disciplined enough to do it and I'm always like caught by the new shiny object in the new subject but say anything do you recall the author's name again now I look at that same nothing they'll say nothing for anything so different thing there is nothing yeah great and if it goes through all of it is if indeed you know Steven ray the actor I'm just such a couple BBC series with Steven ray was connected to one of the central characters here an IRA bomber would that they were married for awhile Patrick Patrick Madden keep reading keep Patrick Keefe huh if it was telling me about the remorse that some of them felt afterwards later in their lives you know and on the one hand we need to have this because but on the other hand are we a problem in the name of the because that sort of thing and it's still not I mean it's over but it's not over we were there a few years ago and it's still you know there still walls between neighborhoods there's wiring on windows in Belfast and it's still not over I mean it's Hey can I tell you fun thing about falconry yeah and how often do you hear that sentence so they did not have the the open up this new air force academy in Colorado and if they didn't have a a mascot if you will like what is that the navy has the ram or the army has the random okay has the Indians so anyway I'm trying to talk about falconry they they he that he was big in the falcons the way you're trying to falcon which can fly like a hundred fifty miles an hour diving down its spectacular thing to see the way trying to miss the two put a hood on their head and you sit them on your arm for forty eight straight hours and you tether them so that they become dependent upon you for food and you let them only fly a short distance in the tether gets longer and actually a wild falcons will then become your household pet will poop on your sofa you just clean it up and he lives with you like a pet wow it's the craziest thing so then he said to the generals over there he goes Hey guys I don't believe you started it Hey guys anyway he got them to change or to to have a mascot and it would become the falcons this guy with twelve kids half of whom are schizophrenic the point of the story in hidden valley road Pape service on line three one of our colleagues at WGN Serra I'm watching the clock you and I have sixty seconds go I in turn meant by premier automatic but can be one of my top ten books for twenty twenty you and I visited several Saturdays ago as you were one fourth of the way through the year you always try and read about a hundred or so books a year and was set up with that one that you had.

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