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In roadwork areas for KPCC, I'm Emily Elena ductile along with fire damaged roads, we have fire damaged trails in the Santa Monica mountains about five hundred miles worth some are now open to the public again. Like the trails at paramount ranch. KPCC's Kaley wells was among the first visit Joshua brumbach road. The paramount ranch trails the day before they burned. He came back to check out the damage, and he says, even though the fire has packed down the dirt and made the trails better for biking. His heart is heavy as he writes them, it's kind of like writing on the moon a little bit because areas that were four stated they're just gone. Ranger Kim McCreary of the National Park Service says even though some trails are opening the number of hikers is slow to pick up again. But that's not necessarily a bad thing. We want to send people to places that are open, but we still have the same parking. Sophie, send everybody to those areas. There's a little problem McCurry, says hazards have only been cleared unmarked Paz's. So it's especially. Important not to stray trails like the popular solstice canyon. However, and many of the ones west of it are still closed. I'm Kelly wells. Well, Dave Robertson. The dodgers are in it together for the long haul. The dodgers today announced a four year deal for Roberts to keep managing the team through twenty twenty two or had could steal covers the dodgers for the L A times. He says despite some fan criticism after the World Series losses, daybreak sports future with the franchise was never really in doubt. He was coming back to manage next season, regardless. This your Saint long-term he won't be a lame duck next year because he has job security. They won't be the question. Dave Roberts needs to win to keep his job easier for the long haul. And I think that's good for both sides under Dave Roberts. The dodgers have won three straight National League West titles in two straight nasty league. Pennants eight seven thirty five. From the New York Times. Unlike. The legacy of Herbert Walker Bush. He ruled the Reagan revolution to the White House where he had one of the highest approval rating of any president, and where he successfully oversaw the end of the Cold War. So why was he denied a second term? It's Monday, December third..

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