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People were killed three years later, the pain still felt following the Parkland school shooting. Every day has been very difficult since my beautiful daughter, Gina Rose, Montalto was murdered at her school father, Tony Montalto, honoring his 14 year old daughter at a wreath laying ceremony. She was one of the 17 victims killed when a gunman opened fire it Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. Our family is it's not hold on my wife and my son and myself are reminded of that flags were flown at half staff and memorials held across South Florida for the victim's Lionel Boys. ABC News Miami President Biden used the anniversary to pass stricter gun control laws. He wants background checks on all gun sales, also calling for a ban on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. Nothing could stop Prosecutor open to making a deal in order to locate the remains of Jennifer Delos, the chief attorney in Connecticut, Richard Colangelo says he's open minded and is not willing to close the door on anything he spoke to CBS is 48 hours. Which aired an update on the Delos disappearance case. Family members of Michelle Trick onus were on the show. They insist that she was not involved in the disappearance of Jennifer, the former wife of her boyfriend. Photos Delos So that case still remains a mystery. It's now 5 50 10 minutes before six o'clock and once again to check on traffic for you with burning fighter. Bring what you got. Outside the Garden State Parkway south on remains closed except 1. 35. The colonia Rest area. Got a bad accent is an overturned vehicle and a car fire closing down the South Hunger and State Parkway and Clark, you've got at least a 15 minutes. Slow down at this point, and an 80 eastbound in Paterson is a disabled vehicle blocking off the right hand lane by exit 60. Heading in towards exit. 59 is we're going to start to see the slowdowns on 80 eastbound All's well, though at your Hudson River crossings alters had the street parking rules are suspended for President's Day. This report is sponsored by the exit in Temple scanner, Fevers. The leading sign of covert 19 use an accurate thermometer for twice daily checks. Protect your loved ones with the ex agent Semple scanner. It takes inaccurately in seconds and is the only home thermometer recommended by hospitals, physicians and clinics. They save with extra Jim. Our next traffic updates coming up in 15 minutes on 7 10 w o R 5 51 is the time right now nine minutes before six o'clock coming up with six o'clock. It's Len Burman and Michael Riedel in the morning in just a moment to check on our messy weather forecast also coming up. Harry and Megan expecting another child Details Next.

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