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So this law did pass and I consider it to be absolutely necessary Peter worth yesterday said it's a no brainer especially today in the you know this day and age that cops need to wear lapel cameras they need to wear a body camera and they need to keep it on so this bill requires law requires law enforcement to where it came but Republicans are complaining in fact on the statement is the only positive outcome in this session was the Republican led effort to fix the looming unemployment insurance tax increases due to increased unemployment claims to gather the Republicans with grassroots activist produced an amazing effort in supporting domestic because small businesses and forced lawmakers to seriously address the ramifications following the governor governor forced economic shutdown they do not acknowledge Republican Party New Mexico although they said no we're not we're we don't have any problem with her her cover nineteen response but then they called in their statement after the house adjourned yesterday the forced economic shutdown like the governor did it had nothing to do with the pandemic public safety reform was also put on the call for the special session Senate bill eight would revoke a police officer certification if he or she is found guilty or plead guilty or no contest the young on lawful use of threatened use of force in the line of duty police officer could also have his or her certification revoked if an officer failed to intervene in a police action involving the unlawful use of force if you stand there idly while one of your fellow officers put on me on somebody's throat or sits on their chest or kick to them if you stand watching you could lose your officer certification house Democrats praised the bill as a necessary step in ensuring accountability within domestic because police agencies particularly in a state that has the highest per capita rate of people killed by police officers over the past five years those reports said from twenty fifteen to twenty nineteen between one hundred and one and one hundred and seventy Mexicans were killed by police at the rate of nine point seven to ten point two per million national right of individuals killed by police is three to three point for us nine point seven the ten point two our communities have a right to remain safe sure they have to interact with them a law enforcement officer said stay representing makayla larock Danya Democrat from acea she introduced presented the bill on the house floor which did pass yesterday she said body cameras will help insure those citizens walk away from that engagement alive we have our own stories about encounters to go wrong and have in ended with death so did pass no brainer forty four to twenty six little well we'll take a break and in a little while right before the show today I was watching a CNN and I wonder come back and we lay what I watch and CNN from Minneapolis today to the bill that passed Senate bill.

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