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The energy dome is the famous Red Devaux hat, which is now equipped with a plastic face shield featuring the diva logo. You can get the Energy Dome Face Shield now at CLUB DEVOTE DOT COM. L. John is hosting a rocket man watch party tonight Sir Elton tweeted yesterday that the watch party will begin at seven PM, Eastern. tonight and invited followers to tweet along with him while he streams the movie. The Watch party comes on the one year anniversary of rocket man's debut at the Cannes Film Festival finally Alice Cooper is revealing hugh. He would want to portray himself if a bio pic about his life ever gets made, and it's probably not a surprise. The legendary were legendary rocker said in a recent interview. He thinks Johnny. Depp would make a good Alice Cooper. They're pals. He, said Depp like to play characters. No one else wants to play and joked would would only work if he were just better looking. The two men in two, thousand, twelve on the set of the dark shadows, and Alice says he thinks that Johnny knows him well enough to imitate him while they're in the Hollywood. Vampires band together right. So, they know each other and I I know exists, but I've never heard anything from. Like I I know of that band, but like isn't Joe Perry in that band. Also I think I think so. Yeah, it's I've heard their stuff, but I. don't remember it so. Am I the only person who thinks that Johnny Depp is. Her horrendously. overrated. As like what is, I can't remember the last movie that I saw that I loved him in. Blues, great and blow. Yeah. Oh, yeah! Donnie BRASCO. He's awesome in that. He was in Ed Wood. As Times in public enemies. That is Christian slater in that. I don't think so. It's about John, dillinger. Christian Bale I, think is the Elliott nece. Yeah. Was that a good movie Mike I heard that was. I thought it was phenomenal, but I love I love that period so I'm Kinda half in to begin with, but yeah I thought it was really well done. By like dialed up. Hollywood vampires online and it looks like a lot of. Older dudes, wearing scarves and hats, so it's the servant hat band. Scarves. They. All look like they've come out of the dust bowl looks like they might have just got out of A. Yes They might have just been escaping Oklahoma because of the drought. Are there a lot. Bracelets also Bangle Brady tons of bracelets, a lot of people versus nagging. Of snagging potential onstage lots of brothers laureated necklaces with opals in them. They all ripped jeans, trying to get out of Oklahoma to it looks like and. Lots of necklaces dropping underneath the scarves. It's a scarf necklace hat band. Basically. I wish I was cool enough to dress like a rockstar dude. If I could dress wearing the scarf necklace hat combo I would do it all the like. If you look cool doing that, that would be. A great. Off. At. least try it. Came in the morning show. With we were talking about. How do you want me to scarf scarf and hat up? Yeah, tried out on us. I don't just try small crowd. I've been so confident that I'm not a scarf and hat guy. I have no scarves hats. I have plenty. I can let you. Draw. Those gloves fingerless gloves. Either out well a Lotta people in the Hollywood vampires appeared to do those I don't know. I don't know if that's what you can easily move tumbleweeds out of the way when you're escaping. Tattoos or big side of your finger front of your finger like. Just really little like a script. Yeah? We have to have stuff on your arm to write those tattoos. We have stuff written on the inside of your forearm. Like I say but like. Yeah, but everyone in the Hollywood vampires looks like they need their readers to read. Whatever's on their arm? What's your test, you say. I can't remember all on a second. Let me get my readers and they have large print. For the. Eighteen tattoos. Sean Collier for Pittsburgh magazine on the line right now and we made Sean Watch double team. From the Dennis Rodman Catalog of movies Dennis Rodman and Jog Claude van Damme. Joining us now. How are you man? I'm I'm I'm better for having seen double team bill bill I believe described it as the worst movie he's ever seen. Do you stand by that bill? I do I do. So naturally, my response then was well now now I'm watching it for reference. Pursued has told me to watch gone with the wind about once a month for years still haven't gotten to that. Robert says a movie with the worm, and the muscles from Brussels is terrible. I'm on it in a matter of days. That's how it works. Frankly, show, give a damn. Good good if you haven't seen a double team, it's the plot of every van Damme movie ever. There's a bad guy. He got away once now it's personal. There's a weird side mission on a creepy island. Most importantly Rodman plays this kind of mercenary black market arms dealer guy. The best thing about Rodman's character is, he's constantly making basketball references, even though the character has nothing to do with basketball, they will. Take things details about Rodman's career. He's not playing Dennis Rodman. He's playing a Belgian guy named as. There's a scene where Rodman has to throw a thing at a thing to blow it up and he misses and vandamme says you need practice, so Rodman says all. I hate practice. Yuck Yuck. Somebody that you to ask. Why didn't they just make the character Dennis Rodman himself. Van? Damme is playing a fictional black ops operative. Rodman this playing Dennis Rodman who moonlights as a mercenary in Belgium I believe that Dennis Rodman does that I believe that's what Rodman is doing with his life right now..

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