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They wanted to appear on a reality TV show, which would you choose for them in which one would you disown them? Okay. I added the last part is so it's not a multiple choice. No, which one would you approve of which one? Would you disown them? If they if this was their dream like if they grew up watching survivor, and it was their dreams that go beyond survivor, then I would say, you know, go go for it. But I don't necessarily like if you know what I tend to say about this is that, you know, the reality shows are for people that don't have anything great going on. This is not some people on survivor have great things going on. There are some people that have great things going on. But I think that more often than not I feel like it somebody who is saying I feel stuck. I don't know what I'm doing with. With my life. Or I'm hoping that this really shake something up or something comes of this. Or it tends to be I think somebody who is looking for a change who ends up seeking out reality TV. So I think that it's not something that I would like push them into like, I know that there's other people that they, you know. Come off these shows in there, and they're like really pushing their offspring to go onto said shows, and I would not I would not do that. Yes. If they ever came home and said that they wanted to be on the bachelor like we failed as parents look. Whatever they want if they wanted to do the bachelor, I think there's probably worse things that you could get into Herbie. Yeah. I guess so I guess so any of the questions about rob has a podcast. Let's say that they're twenty five hundred episode of rob as a podcast there is a award show for podcasting which podcast. Would you submit as like a representation of your podcast like they do for like the Emmys and stuff like podcast of the year. Something like, you know, I've been in that position before where I've had to submit some of that. And I try to find something that's like the most. Generic thing that I've done like in the like, I don't think I probably would submit something that was like, you know, the survivor David versus Goliath episode number eight know-it-alls for that. Because I feel like that what we do is so niche that if somebody was if it was like these survivor podcast of the year awards that would be totally different. But I think I would probably fry to find something that was completely more. Generic like, Robin, Akiva, watch leprechaun. Where you don't need a knowledge base to be able to understand what's happening on that podcast. What is the favorite podcasts that you listened to and what has influenced your podcasting style? And how you describe your podcasting nonsense because I don't do just one specific podcast in terms of the actual podcast that I listen to I I tend to listen to more lawing boring. What born what? Boring. I listened to.

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