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Com. Nj dot com and Mike thank you for coming on especially on a on a Sunday. Really? Appreciate it. And as you know, there's been so much attention on what's wrong with the giants. But very quietly the eagles are back on top of the NFC east or they back. Yeah. It seems division is so great now reminds you the NFC west when he hawks wanted a while back and then ran all over the saints during peak heralds first year back Seattle. So I mean, the divisions wide open eagles usually have the best offense. And they probably have your best defense. Well, so heading into week seven. They're looking pretty good. Yeah. And we heard the clip their Carson Wentz finally got off coming back from the injury with three touchdown passes. You look good. And I think now it's just a matter of getting getting that offense healthy and getting everybody back and just letting them come together. Yeah. You know? Up at an alarming rate. Computers. Biceps injury lane Johnson dealing with an a hole injury. And those are just recent injury. On. I r you know, they had to deal with alshon Jeffery. Carson Wentz James to start the season. They're finally starting to find the rhythm because they're finally healthy again, alshon Jeffery coming back. And obviously Carson Wentz are huge and Mike. Would you say I mean, the the easy lazy answered cliche thing to say? It would be hey, they have a Super Bowl hangover. But really it's been about the injuries, right and more more than anything. Well, I think the injury we could create it the Super Bowl hangover respects. You know when you're playing. You're going to have this much recovery. Time Alison had to get surgery after the Super Bowl on his injured shoulder. There are other guys like TIMMY Jernigan you still back off season surgery. So you didn't have the preparation time or the relaxation time and on top of that Europe rehab time when you when you play deep into the playoffs, and I think you felt that a little bit. But I also think they're just got off to a sluggish start the preseason as well. The often seem as crews couple circle matter went Jeffrey in the Mike covers the eagles for nj dot com. With is here on NBC sports radio one of the more recent injuries. You know, Mike JJ done for the season with a tornado L. Corey Clement reportedly told the team told Doug Peterson. Hey, we don't need to get into the running back. We're good. Do you think they'll they'll stay stand, Pat and go with Clement and small would or could they make a trade? What I think the? Yes. And no answer. So yes, I do think that they're going to stick to a committee with when L small wooden climent. But I think they could add a power back to the lineup. I think that's what makes the committee work. I don't think they're gonna add. I don't think they're gonna add let go, but somebody who is the same Alec era line would make sense for this team. So that they could have kind of a thunder and lightning in their trio. Any other names that you've heard that are out there aside from McCoy, the as, you know, the report came out today, they're unlikely to trade from a Koi, and it doesn't look like the levian bell. Things can happen who who's out there. We'll look you look at and this is just pure speculation at Kevin Coleman. He can do a lot of the things from a quite can do he's entering the final year of his rookie contract. And I'm sure he would like to get some guaranteed money as soon as possible. It's trooper him. Maybe you him as the running back. He's buried behind deonte Friedman and also have either. So I think the writing on the wall for him in a good opportunity for the falcons Bill to the future with a pick and Coleman to have a breakout role. Elsewhere. Yeah, it's interesting. I did not realize that Mike. That's that's why you have the insight because there's no way they can pay both. They can't pay Freeman and Coleman. So they'd have to right. Yeah. How how close or were they ever close to really going after Lebanon bell? Or was that just speculation? I think it was mostly speculation. I think this is it's huge. Pinpoint its weaknesses just because there are so. Personnel. The wide receivers. They have the quarterback. They have a pretty good office of line, or at least the reputation of having your pretty good offensive wise legal tight end receiving yards in perception. Running back spot where it seems like they never really found their footing outside when they traded for a giant initially last year able to form this four man running back. So I think people have just said, you know, how he rose quite dealer and. You know, running back sense. So why beyond makes sense for them? All right. Well, even as the offense continues to gel, Mike, the defense is look really good. Yeah. For sure, you know, they're not getting to the quarterback as quickly as they did last year. But they are forcing a lot of pressure. The DB's have been very inconsistent. Obviously losing random cloud for the season. With a debilitating loss. He really allowed to play everywhere. Wind back corner nickel safety everywhere because of how good run in the cloud is free Cory filling it strong kinsfolk around. Now, they don't have that ability of automatics a late round cornerback that they drafted a Pittsburgh now starting. That's gonna lead to some growing pains. And so right now negroes are kind of trying to figure out their unit. But the sevens played very well. Yeah. No doubt. All right. My with us here on NBC sports radio last one before I let you go taking a look at the the near schedule in the next month. Or so some good games coming up Carolina. The Jags the saints. Yeah. This is quite the quite the stretch for them. Then they go and playing the world's as well. This is gonna be there kind of Baker break stretch if they do well against Carolina, Jacksonville, and war liens if they can go to and one of those three games. I think they can really just run away with the NFC because they do think they'll they'll be at least four and two in the division and take the crown again. All right. Well, we'll see what happens looking forward to it. In the meantime, a big win Thursday night. Mike K covers the eagles for nj dot com. Kind enough to join us here on a Sunday to talk about the eagles. And as they're making their comeback. Mike. Thank you. Appreciate it. My man hope you can talk to you again. You got it. Mike k with us here on NBC sports radio. Yeah. There's there's some big games in the NFL just for a lot of teams coming up. And I don't know if it's just because the not just the popularity, but I think just because there really is a lot more parody now in the NFL and. Because teams because so many teams still have a shot. That these that the way the schedule was there really are no off weeks now in the NFL and the other part of it too is even if you have a bad team, right? Now because of because of the money because of the business part of the game. Right. That you can't if you're a player, right? If you're a player on a bad team. You can't take a week off. You can't you can't just check out and go through the motions because everything's recorded. Everything's on video. So if you're a you're a bad team, and you're looking to get paid man if you if you. Are caught on video not playing hard because your team doesn't have a winning record. That's that's horrible. I mean coaches and front off exacts pick up on that immediately. So you really you really gotta take care of your business. So it's a big big games. I mean, really every Sunday just seems like the drama the storylines the NFL's really really done a great job of just maximizing every single weekend with their match ups. We talked about it. You know, the great match up tonight on NBC the chiefs and the patriots is going to be fantastic now tomorrow night, Monday night football, and we're going to check in with Green Bay later on in the program. But that's one where obviously. For Monday night football. They were thinking, hey, this is great. We're going to have Aaron Rodgers go up against Jimmy Garoppolo until Jimmy Garoppolo tears his knee and has done for the season. And now that game tomorrow night should be pretty ugly. Although I did see one little nugget the forty nine years of actually won nine straight, Monday night football games. I don't see that happening tomorrow night at Lambeau. But that's one of those games. Where again, then the Niners are going to come in. They've been they've been horrible CJ Beathard did not kinda step up and keep things going the way that they thought he might because he was familiar with Kyle Shanahan system. But that team the forty Niners. They're gonna go to lambo tomorrow night with nothing to lose. I mean, no chance at all. Nobody's gonna expect them to do anything. And that helps sometimes that helps when you have nothing to play for. No, everybody's written you off. There's no pressure. No expectations. Guys, get not only do they play loose. But they also they're professionals. They get fired up. I mean, I'll say it again who would have thought a few weeks ago that the bills would go into Minnesota and beat the Vikings, but it happened. So that's that we're going to talk with our own Mark Malone coming up here in about fifteen minutes. Get marks thoughts on the match ups today week six Sunday in the NFL coming. Also in our number two, gotta get you caught up on what's going on in college football. I I made the comment if you listen to the network during the week when I hop on once in a while with their own Keith. Missouri amid the comment to Keith when we were we were doing what we're up against the clock segments. I said, hey, you know, what key it just feels like we're due for a big upset in college football. I just had that gut feeling on Friday, and we had any four upsets not one but four although I also picked Colorado to beat USC for the first time ever. They've the buffs have never beaten the Trojans. And it didn't happen. Didn't happen last night. Just it's just amazing. How we talk about we talked about how lesser teams are or underdogs or or teams that. That step up. Right. And they get motivated and on any week any any team even a bad team can play out of their minds and pull out a w but there's also another side of that coin where you get teams that are that are trying to establish themselves. And I mean that like a team like Colorado, they were the only undefeated team left in the Pac twelve at a huge opportunity. Huge opportunity big stage primetime in LA at the Coliseum. They'd never beaten USC before. And what happens they lay an egg? So you have some teams that step up. And then you have some teams that just that they'd collapse under the pressure. And it just that's the beauty of sports. That's why we watch it. That's why we love it. And that's why they quote unquote, play the games. All right. We're up our number one next again the big story in Miami. Ryan tannehill inactive bras Brock Osweiler is going to get the start against the bears will. Talk about that. Next time. Jeff Biggs sports Sunday on NBC sports radio..

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