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So the idea is that doesn't make you actually drive around till you get on your meaning it gives you like time at the start of your day at the end of your work day to reflect even though you're not leaving home right. The software prompts you to set goals for the day and in the evening gives you space and time to replay over and over that awkward moment when you accidentally said, love you to your boss. Isn't that just a meditation APP the problem is when we used to commute, you could you could kind of zone out neil listen to the radio, whatever whatever. So should take the time, but Microsoft is a need to create A. New Thing to tell me that just tell me to get off my stupid computer. And go look at the trees with at the crows outside or something. We made this Microsoft Microsoft who brought so many good things gratis something called windows. Your window, the first, the first meditative break was when Microsoft Windows wouldn't work for hours at a time. All right here Brittany is your last limerick. Far From flaky skins a disgrace. You need night repair cream for the face. The shuttle's in motion. So put on Lotion we're launching our skin care to. Say. Yes. NASA. This week announced they were partnering with Stay Lauder to send ten bottles of advanced night repair face cream to the international space station. This seems foolish but remember in space, it's always nighttime. You'd be a fool not to use advanced night repair face cream. You'll launch looking like balls Aldrin you'll return to earth looking like Zendaya I'm sorry are they spending money to just send the cream or someone on their way and they're like, please take this cream. The, cream is going up in a regular resupply mission to the space station although. The makers of the cream stay lottery paid NASA. Eight thousand dollars for this basic product placement, this sounds like an elaborate instant cart order. Just, one I just ordered one bottle. You sent me twenty the pressure on people to look good I'll say people but I think Muslim women to look good while they're in space being astronauts. Really depressed. I'm going be honest with you. If you have never put on face cream in zero gravity, you just drop you to spray the little drop in his floats around and he just float your face into the droplets. Brian, how how would you know? Oh I've had this dream for a while. Bill. How do Britney. Doing our quiz she got them. All right perfect score way to go Britain congratulations Britney a great job and as a big fan of Chicago Theater I hope I see you on a stage around here pretty soon but Peter Take care. This message comes from NPR sponsor we transfer. Are you perfectly happy with the way things are right now?.

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