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Prevail. The state will be forced into an unconstitutional practice of prioritizing race in creating election rules. It's 5 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s now let's take you back to Jack in the traffic center. All right, it's still a slowdown in Maryland, south of town on the interleukin two ten but easing, closer you get toward I two 95. There have been a wreck on the bridge, local lanes, all lanes of reopened, nothing left to look at. You've got the crash cleared, but the delay will ease before we really get into it. Some of our rain showers are taking a little toll, take it easy out there, especially on any of those slippery ramps, just take it easy, keep those speeds down, give yourself a little extra time this morning. No worries out of Frederick two 70 south, headed toward the lane divide. Still have some activity in college park on the outer loop and route one, it's safely over on the left shoulder. Winds picked up, unfortunately, we are now in limited wind restrictions, out of the bay bridge, house trailers, empty box trailers, or any vehicle they can't safely cross the bridge will be prohibited, so just be aware. No worries at a southern Maryland so far. Looking good northbound on four and 5, even two ten headed toward the beltway. In Virginia, you're looking good 66 at a Gainesville east, 95, no worries yet out of Fredericksburg through woodbridge. Looking good on three 95, leaving the beltway up toward the 14th street bridge so far off to a good start. Good ride downtown. We're looking good on the freeway. Third street tunnel, New York avenue, D.C. two 95 I two 95, you're off to a good start. You're going to find this morning on the rails, Mark Penn line train four O three, was canceled this morning, passengers will be accommodated by Mark train four O 7. Mark Penn line train 5 O 5, reporting a 20 minute delay. Lido pizza square because lido pizza never cuts corners. Lido pizza has been a local favorite since 1955, order online at lido pizza, dot com. Jack Taylor. Traffic. Chad barrel, this is a real Groundhog Day pattern. Yes, it is Bruce and Jonah as a matter of fact, besides The Rain today might be a record cold day in the nation's capital, the record

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