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That's something I've learned covering to cover F word. It's gets a few sort of whoops and cheers at key moments in the race. What was the reaction like at that point when Vettel was making his Aston Martin particularly wide? Yeah, it does. But it's a funny media center example, 'cause it's kind of like lots of different rooms if that makes sense. So we were in quite a small room with lots of all of our colleagues obviously from also swap and motor sport dot com, but as well as yeah, quite a few Dutch journalists and yeah, I think they were quite enjoying that fight because obviously as you said sort of Perez would be helping Max Verstappen out. And yeah, I agree. I think the more the race wore on, the more you're thinking hang with the mercks are actually coming into this because the hard tyre we start showing such little degradation that the tyres were looking really, really good, really consistent. It was a tyre that nobody was expected to use and even when the I think the alpines were the first to move on to it and everyone kind of went hang on a minute and I actually said that it's Esteban ocon after the race. He was like, oh, we always knew we were going to do that. And those though they are, yeah, had a little trick up their sleeve. And I think that the more it wore on, the more everyone saw how good that tyre was. But yeah, I think the Merck's made it work really, really well. And I think that it was always, it was inevitable that Lewis was going to get check out at one point. But I think I even tweeted that it was a return of Mexico's minister of defense, which is obviously the moniker. He got given after his brilliant display in Abu Dhabi last year that ultimately did help max win the title and it was obviously not quite to the same extent. But yeah, it was very, robust. And that's kind of really, that's probably the best part of Perez's race, to be honest. Again, he's not been on the pace that max has showed at all this weekend. I know that's a very high bar set to set. But yeah, I mean, you should be doing better than P 5 when you got the quickest car. It's as simple as that. So yeah, I think we were looking at that and thinking that, okay, we knew max had to come in again. And it was really just a question of when he would come in if he was going to go for the hards, just how much of a delta would he had built up in terms of laps and would that actually be enough to be able to get past both Mercedes. And yeah, it would have been, it would have been tricky. But as I'm sure we're going to come on to the virtual safety car and we could talk about a bit what about Red Bull's plan and who the VSC worked against and things like that. But yeah, it was a stage, you would definitely thinking murk have got a shout here like they're not, they're not going quietly. Yeah, I think to be blunt about it. First place for pros today, these kind of performances. If it's pre Monaco at the end of last year, these are the sort of drives that meant that Alban gasly Caviar were relieved of their duties effectively or certainly certainly I think so. But at this point, there's a really interesting dilemma for Verstappen. The mercs are really quick, but he says I don't want the medium tyres and this is when the lap count is sort of in the early 40s. Don't want the medium tyres, but soft I've got 30 laps to go. I can't make it to the end of the race on those. And then hard if the Mercedes pit again or something I'm going to be prey on on the slowest tires. And then it gets a bit respite. The strategists, you know, the camera straight on Hannah Smith because there is a virtual safety car for a whole sort of, well, eventually a virtual safety car starts off as yellow flags for some sort of odd odd stuff going on with Yuki Snyder at first it's the tyres are incorrectly fitted and then it's the belt and then it's a differential. Which one of you three wants to try and unpack that? Jess, I know at this point you're back on social media because the conspiracy theories are flying. So lay it on us. What's happening there with Al fatori? Yeah, it was so bizarre, so the too long didn't read version, Yuki thinks is something wrong with the tyres. So he pulls over. Well, the engineer tells him to pull over and they're like, right, we've got to stop the car because you can't be going around if we don't think we fit the tyres properly. So at which point, I'm sure he thinks well that says gone. But the team look into it and they go, no, there's nothing wrong, like the tyres are fine. You're fine, cars fine. Like maybe just come back to the pits, we'll check it out. So at that point, and this is what a conspiracy theory starts kicking in real hard and I honestly want to burn Twitter whenever I see stuff like this start to fly around. But anyway, so he makes his way back to the pits. They check. They change the tires because why not? They're going to have to change strategy because he's basically down a lot now. And we see him fiddling with the cockpit. So checking the steering because Yuki was reporting or maybe it's a steering because I'm just feeling something really weird, like something's not quite right. And then we see them fitting with the seat belts. So there is still a question mark as to alpha tower have come out and said, the seat belts weren't undone, but you had started to loosen them because presumably because he thought he was jumping out of the car. But he didn't, he says he didn't undo them. So that's all meant to be legal. The FIA has deemed it search. I mean, he has been reprimanded for unsafe driving. But not to do with the seat belts. So they send him out again. And within half a lap, he's pulled over again. I mean, I don't think he ever got back up to speed, really. He pulls over to the side of the road again and says, no, there's something wrong with the rear now. It might be the differential and that's what AlphaTauri is currently saying is the problem, but they are investigating as to why it was. But very, very, very strange. Run an event. But I guess the conspiracy theories are, oh, wow, you know, sister team of Red Bull. That's a highly convenient, right? Highly convenient that that comes. And I think I actually feel really bad for Hannah Schmidt at this point because I think we saw the kind of, I can't remember how many, I don't know if it was exactly the right time, but pretty soon after you had stopped out for the second time and the VSC had been called. It cut to the Red Bull pit wall and Hannah Schmidt was smiling. And again, the conspiracy theorists have now caught on to the fact, well, you know, she knew what was going on. But there's nothing to say that she goes, no, now the strategy is going to come our way, but I'm sure Luke's actually going to jump in here because the theory is actually that entire scenario where a VSC was called, whereas I think a lot of us thought maybe a full safety car would be called. Because of the car on track and the zambot situation is that the Marshals actually find it really difficult to maneuver the cars because it's in a sand dune, the racetrack. So they can't push the cars freely. They have to use cranes for the most part because they physically can not move the cars on their own using just human power. But as I'm sure Luke's going to dive into because he's done a video all on it for me already is that the VSC caused by Yuki tsunoda could actually have cost Verstappen. That's according to Christian Horner. Yeah, because we spoke after the race and obviously I'd seen the sort of theories and whatnot floating around and yeah, seeing the comments from toso wolf as well on sky saying sort of and I think visible confusion was the most sport dot com tweet summing up his mood and yeah, but Horner actually explained that as Matt you were saying that Verstappen didn't want to take the hard tyre. That was very, very clear because it was a tie that they didn't know and they're very unsure about. So the plan was always to extend that scent out,

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