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On start whom i bonding goblins of free testosterone eastern reception things that and for this at the moment you'll come in at a medium so one of the things that you know as part of the overall know water things need to look i might be looking at the natural dietary ways that you can sort of improved testosterone and so you know how much magnesium it consuming homage vitamin d homage zinc you know i had in things like fenick rate which potentially might have an effect on the some of the conversion of prostate cancer patients always worry about raising to social ills in my in i get measure regularly and it's always moderately high interest rates inge so jeez alpha block as as well for la no no no no nothing just just tactic surgery and stuff and waiting for them shoot a trump wow yeah over there's all kinds of data about the styles run of prostate cancer we only know what it's doing fish and it's it's i think i think testosterone is actually over the next ten to fifteen years going to be one of their so that the biggest growth areas i mean it's already been a growth area in the us in the uk we haven't quite got to the levels that you've got the us with the sorts of the that the myo khomein clinics something well it out of that its female testosterone place to become yet thing and that seems to be less risky than for may yes or the little more thuesday as of yet yeah it's a it's a it's a fascination area and they another incredibly entrust him on as well for you is so that the idea of a fast metabolism and metabolism is germany what people recognize but the reality is a fast metabolism isn't fast it's inefficient someone he can he allow food and none of store and not story then that must be an efficient step somewhere and it turns out that the some proteins that said on the march conjure which are the energy factors of south.

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