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Hello words welcome to another episode of the dictionary podcast. The first WORD IS BET. B. E. T. It is the I form a noun from fifteen ninety two one a something that is laid staked or pledge typically between. Whoa what just happened? My Cat fell off the window ledge and landed on their food plate. Okay we are going to keep on going. I am not going to retake this. 'cause that is gold right there are people all right so the one a forget is something that has laid staked pledge typically between two parties on the outcome of a contest or a contingent issue. Synonym is wager and this is often used figuratively in such phrases. As all bets are off to stress the uncertainty of an outcome one be the act of giving such a pledge. Oh She's Ein the window sill again. She Su there's an air conditioner in the window and she likes to go sit on top of it and listen to the birds that are have made a nest underneath it but now she's afraid of the plate if she falls anyway back to the words Let's see number two something to wager on three a choice made by consideration of probabilities. As in your best bet is the back road. Why is that your best bet now? We have the second form of bet it is a verb from fifteen ninety seven starting with transitive one eight to stake on the outcome of an issue or the performance of a contestant. One be to make able to be sure that to what no I think. I read that wrong to be able to be sure that still a weird phrase that is usually used in the expression you bet as in you bet. I'll be there not during these times of self quarantine to a to maintain with or as if with a bet to be to make a bet with to see to make a bet on and then we have one in transitive definition to lay bet. Now we have the third form of bet. It is an abbreviation for the word between so. Would you pronounce the Abbreviation as beat? I don't think so now. We have the Word Beta B. E. T. A. It is the I form and all of the rest of the words will start with Beta. Yeah Alright this is chiefly British. This first one. It is a noun from the fourteenth century. One these second Interesting they read it to d instead of two n d the second letter of the Greek alphabet and then it says to see the alphabet table number. Two Synonym is Beta particle number. Three a measure of the risk potential of a stock or an investment portfolio expressed as a ratio of the stocks or portfolios volatility to the volatility of the market as a whole number four. A nearly complete prototype of a product as software as in released in Beta also was in the Beta version. So this is from middle English Beth from the Latin Beta which is from the Greek Beta which is of Sam origin. Se is that Semitic it's probably Semitic Of Semitic origin akin to the Hebrew Beth B. E. T. H. Which means Beth? We will get to that later. I guess Now we have the second form of Beta. It is an adjective from eighteen. Sixty two second in position in the structure of an organic molecule from a particular group or atom as in Beta substitution. This is often used in combination and the symbol for this. Is I think this is the Greek letter Beta it. Looks like a be like a capital B. In our English alphabet but the bottom left part of it sort of is a tale. That goes down now. We have Beta Adron Beta with Hyphen. And then a D. R. E. N. E. R. Adra Nordic. I pronounced that correctly. This is an adjective from nineteen fifty-nine of relating to or being a Beta receptor as in Beta Edrich blocking action. Now we have Beta amyloid Beta Hyphen A. M. Y. L. This is a noun from nineteen eighty-seven and amyloid that is derived from a larger precursor protein. And is the primary component of plaques characteristic of Alzheimer's Disease. Next we have Beta blocker two words with a hyphen noun from nineteen sixty eight any of a class of drugs as pro prowl. Non All what it goes over to the second line so it's hard to read it altogether propranolol that decrease the rate and force of heart contraception 's No contractions heart contractions and lower high blood pressure by blocking the activity of Beta receptors. Beta blocking is an adjective next. We have Beta Carotene. There is no carrots in this. It's nats not what it is There is a hyphen though. It is a noun from nineteen thirty four. An isomer carotene found in dark green and dark yellow vegetables and fruits and are orange. So it doesn't it doesn't work now. We have BETA cell two words. Noun from nineteen twenty six any of the insulin secreting pancreatic cells in the islets or is lots of Linger Hans. mentioned this before but weird. Al Has a great song about the pancreas and those words are mentioned in it next. We have Beta decay two words Noun from nineteen thirty one. A radioactive nuclear transformation governed by the weak force in which a nuclear on as a neutron changes into a nuclear on as a proton of the other type with the emission of either an electron and an anti Neutrino or a positron and a Neutrino. I feel like what I read was all FI. But it's not it's real life now. We have Beta endorphin two words Hyphen Noun from nineteen seventy six and endorphin in the two itary gland having a much greater analgesic potency than morphine. Now we have Beta Globulin two words Noun from nineteen forty-three any of several globulin or plasma of plasma or serum that have an alkaline Ph electro for foretich mobility's intermediate between those of the Alpha Globulin 's and Gamma Globulin. That was a mouthful. I think we will do one more for this episode. It is Beta glue. Can Beta Hyphen G. L. A. N? It is a noun from nineteen sixty six any of several Sacca Rides consisting of glucose units and including one found in endo sperm cell walls of cereal grains barley and oats. So what will be the word of the episode I didn't totally understand what most of these were. So we're just going to pick as the word of the episode. It's a thing you hear a lot in terms of You know when you're saying the alphabet you want to your over the phone and you say the letter B. is Beta or or you know a Beta version of software. Anyway it's a it's an important word that is going to be it for this episode if you are regular listener or if you're a new listener I do hope that you rate and review and share this so more people can learn lots of new words. Because I know I am. This has been Spencer Dispensing Information Goodbye..

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