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Hi i'm patricia. barak. And i'm katina sawyer and we are of worker being and we're joined here today With the healthy work podcast. You wanna introduce yourselves fletcher. And i'm marianna volume and today we're gonna be talking about the science practice gap. Which is the gap between what researchers are interested in examining and publishing papers on and what practitioners actually need to answer real world pressing questions in their businesses and The gap that sometimes exists between What we're studying and what managers actually wants to know the answer to and this gap is kind of frustrating. Because there's lots of good work out there. That managers might not have access to or might not know where to find or that might not exist. And so are podcasts. Both exist sort of that gap and we're going to talk about that today in terms of what we're trying to do to solve that problem as well as Where the field might go from here. So i guess to kick off our discussion. We're so excited to Be here together and to have all of you listening So for the healthy work podcasts. Can you talk a little bit. About how your podcast aims to address this issue. Kind of what. You're doing with your podcast. And what you what. Your hopes and goals are for bringing this stuff. Closer to practice absolutely. So we are a biweekly podcast or fortnightly To reduce that confusion concurrently by the week we can be twice a week and for us. It really was born of a frustration with the scientist. Practitioner gap That we're going to be talking about of. We liked the work that we do. We find it really interesting but even trying to convey it to our parents or our friends. It's not very Innately accessible with the way that we publish it and so we wanted to get the research out there to people who can actually use it In a way that's accessible. And i figured if you can learn constitutional law or music theory through podcasts. Which i love gas. You can definitely learn about the basics of occupational health psychology industrial organizational psychology. And how what we're doing can help your wellness..

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