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At least understand what the issues are. Because the story is still unfolding. There's a new piece of reporting every single Dan something horribly guys are doing, and I very consciously wrote the book is sort of chapter one to put you in a position didn't matter if you know anything about technology tonight is just it's designed to to put you in a good place. And if you know my goal in the. The whole thing in in our conversation. Here is to recognize that we're all imperfect. And I don't think there is a one-size-fits-all thing. I would encourage people don't put your whole life into any of these products. Right. I mean, don't you know, I stopped using Facebook messenger. Right. 'cause I'm just going. I can't give them everything. And I think this notion if you're using Google docs, and g mail. I mean, seriously, it's like you're basically walking naked through the Google plex. And and it's not just you being affected. It's everybody interacts with you. And that that I find you know, that to me those are the things we really have to look at it. And so if you asked me, what scares me from democracy point of view, Facebook, still scares me a lot. But in general, Google scares me much more because they have a big impact on democracy, much less. Well, understood and their impact on everything else is much much greater because they're so big in five G smart devices in there. So big at AI Amazon terrifies me because having been just a monopolist in the old world. They're now making us a conscious move into this surveillance capitalism world with with Alexa, and with their products and with their Ed services. And so, you know, and I worry a lot about Microsoft because they've sort of been able to Daij, you know, be under the radar, and you know, some days I wake up and going with the helmet doing. I'm one guy. I know bunch of really smart people, and we're trying to do this thing. And then I realized that wait a minute. I couldn't get ten people in a room three months ago. And now, my typical book event, I'm going across the country. Now, you know being Portland and Seattle and Austin Nashville, Raleigh, Durham and Toronto and New York City and Miami. I mean, all these different places, I'm calling Baltimore Annapolis. And I'm getting hundreds of people every night. And it's like it's not they're not coming here to see me. They're coming here. Because this is an issue that's on our minds. And and I just happened to be one of the messengers. And so all I know is we can win this thing. I'm really optimistic and was really cool is that this is a problem. So big. That the business opportunity of fixing it is going to reenergize our entrepreneur economy. Like nothing has in twenty five years. And it's going to be amazing because we need to have versions of all of this functionality. That doesn't hurt anybody. Here. We can move fast and break things including Facebook. Well, I'm hoping that the the next step is to move a little slower and not breaking thing. Right. Because I think what it's really about is kind of move slower and repair things. And and you know, I just think that these these are brilliant people. Okay. And I don't think they're bad people. But I do think that the culture they operate in is really deeply deeply flawed in both morally flawed ethically flawed, and and quite obviously, socially flawed. And you know, I just wish that they could find somebody to get the message through because I think Mark and Shera. Will Larry and Sergei are one good night's sleep away from the piffling where they realized that wait a minute. They can't do one percent as much good with a foundation if they could by fixing things they created right? And that's what I really wish for all of them. It's like I get a good night's sleep. Have the piffling be the hero in your own story now as well. As a great place to end lesson Roger has been fascinated, and you are the hero in your own story. And I'm I'm wishing you a very successful book tour this time around so get sleep yourself because I know what book tour looks like. And it can be a beatdown. We'll Sam e you have no idea how much you inspire me. And how much you have influenced me over the years with your writing with the podcast, and it is such a great privilege just to be able to interact with you this way. And you know, I'm still I'm still early in the learning curve and I- everywhere, I go, I meet people who will make me smarter. And all I can tell you you you're one you're one of the first in every day, you're one of the most influential. So thank you for this. if you find this podcast valuable, there are many ways, you can support it you can review it on I tunes or Stitcher or wherever he happened to listen to it. 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