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How you doing? How are things exciting Time? Good. Yeah. Listen, you've seen every cycle every different thing. Come and go. But this is different, though. Something different is going on. We've seen the liberal president and Congress get two left. But this is like out of control. Left wing on steroids. Have you ever seen any period like this? A bit of a woman. I wasn't around Dong F d. R E was born. I was I was born when he was born when he was at the end of his term, But I often thought this was going to be Obama's third term. What it really is the fifth term of FDR. There's never been the spending Never the programs ever offered up by president like like President Biden Nest when you're talking about $6 Trillion and new spending. Uh, in which you basically even the infrastructure program, which obviously there's some sympathy for, uh, you need you need 16 years of projected revenue to pay for eight years of the program is just absurd. I mean, I think it's uh you know, I think we need some spending believe, certainly don't need anyone. You're the $6 Trillion, and I think that, in essence is rolling the dice. It's everything Bernie Sanders could want. There's not a single complaint from any AOC. You're Bernie Sanders or any of the most progressive players, so Biden is carrying the ball for them. You know, Usually the ventriloquist is a very shy guy. But when he talks through the dummy, he's bold, he says everything so you think this is Obama and this is what he kind of always wanted to do, but didn't have the dirt nerve to do it in his own name, so he's gonna do it through Biden. Well, I think the reality was a president Obama was a very skilled man in the sense of his oratory skills. He didn't like the combat, though he didn't like the political combat and When he ran into trouble. He basically kind of backed away from it was warm and intellectuals and, you know, talked about this favorite time every night was when he had finished with his day and go read for three or four hours in his library. President's Gotta be trench warfare, and Joe Biden has been transformed fair for a long time. But more important is the Obama team. The Obama experienced players. Better all in this administration. You know, his White house is stacked with him. Everybody who's in here, There's no There's no rookies in here. There's no you know what was unfortunate for President Trump. He had a lot of people who have never been around government before, either in his campaign or his presidency. This is a very experienced team may not have pushed the levers of Congress on they're doing that. And Buying two steps to get up there not not not stumble. Too bad and his rhetoric, But the agenda certainly is Obama or even more left doing that, and I think desert eccentric and have some success. Joe Manchin certainly is going to save us from some of it. But at the end of the day when it's 50 50, and all it takes is the vote of Harris Toe to send this stuff through. Uh, plus they're playing games with reconciliation. Uh, you know what they need normally 60 votes to get something the Senate, uh when its budget related, they could play the reconciliation games they already have. Legitimately. You're not supposed to alter that We'll see what the parliamentarian says. But my sense is there's some dramatic stuff coming. Fortunately, McConnell is going to stop much money as he can in the house or this very narrow margin isn't gonna stop much, but it's certainly consistent could have some impact. Yeah, So whenever you get the left wing president of Clinton Obama, they always lose the Congress after two years, and I know, Rush said this time, it's different. Something's different. What do you think? Is this different? Or I mean, I think people are gonna just rise up and rebel like crazy over this. I think they will. You know it. But at this point, you know, it's a couple of things going on. One is reapportionment takes place where they redraw the lines. It shouldn't give us someone of an advantage. We're dealing with 56 seats, which is what the margin is right today, huh? You shouldn't you know you should pick up 10 or 15 seats easily. In the in the House Republicans, But, you know, I think I spend the time in fighting and goes by the time you know, good defending the last election, as opposed to basically running against the agenda of Biden's than his liberals. You gonna confuse the message. Hey, But when you get these congressional seats moving, like New York has lost two seed Florida gains a seat. California lost his seat. Texas gains two seats doesn't that help the count there for Republicans? Uh, normally, it should it I've lived with reapportionment for 50 years, spends a California and got involved in a very young age get tricky. It should it should give us a few seats. We should have picked up for your four seat by the reapportionment process, just in the things that you talked about, But you never can tell what's gonna happen in New York, New York, We're gonna lose a seat. But that doesn't mean they can't shift other seats to make it more difficult for some of the Republicans. Uh, not that I predicted pick up here, but certainly there's a few that you could just a little bit here there and make a difference. Hey, you mentioned a go see whenever I hear a Schumer's terrified she's going to run against him for Senate. I know she wins her crazy little district in Queens. But AOC is she really that big? Could she really win? New York State upstate? All that kind of stuff? Can't you know I'm not in the bottom line is she could stay in that district pretty much for life. She might be able to be a future mayor, candidate candidate not necessary mayor But my my, my, my sense is she needs she needs to stay in that district. It'll get to be a better district for her. But if you try and have ambition and go beyond that, you know, we we watched a lot of great liberals in the state before who thought they could step up on the New York City and Liz Holtzman, uh, last, but a bunch of them in the old days. Uh, they don't do very well when you get outside the city. So these people like Schumer and Pelosi have been there forever. They're big and tough. Why are they so afraid of these left wing AOC types. Don't ask me, you know. I mean, I think I think Pelosi. I think this is very much a tomb of posies philosophy, and certainly she she wants to finish this term on DSI. I would not even be shocked at this point time. In spite of the fact she has said that she She will step down after this term. If she basically thinks that she can hold on, they win the majority back again. That's certainly she has a chance of running against, uh You know, they shouldn't be afraid. You know, Bottom line is they need to go do what they do. Uh, but they are liberal and you know that they're there now in the leadership positions, and this is the president. They wanted for a long time, and they're gonna try and push this agenda as far as they can't knowing full well That it's probably a year before they were the mist of the elections, and so they can't really get much done. So they've got to get it done this year and certainly the chances of the second part of this his first term. The Democrat controlled is not is not very great. So either now or never, and they've got to try and get it now. Well, hey, Ed Rollins. You Bronson Looks like Reagan got most of his agenda through on the first two years and after that was just a question of holding on. Yeah, but you were in some of the most successful campaigns ever. Let's see. We're here in New York City running the mayoral campaign and you got to appeal to all the left wing Democrats. Uh, if with a Republican, can't you just explain to them crime is up like 200%, your neighborhood. Your taxes are going crazy. You gotta vote for Republican. This time just to save your neighborhood Would cake is the only way to get that across. No. Yeah, I wish there was better. I think you need candidate. Uh, you know, John, Casting me just had talked about running again. If he did you, you're strong candidate. Uh, little stuff that he's done. His own resource is, you know the Republicans we have running and I take no offense, toe offer no offense to any Republican that wants to run. It is very, very hard to overcome. You know, we've got the screwed up. Not just a variety of candidates that nobody knows. At this point in time, we've got the stupid s ranking system which you can vote from 1 to 5. Have someone doesn't get a majority in.

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