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Good afternoon getting closer to another weekend here in Boston. I'm Jeff Brown. Good to have you with us. Our top stories in the WBZ newsroom. And then there's Wall Street and other rough day for traders same old story to concerns about trade and China's own economy. Governor Charlie Baker sworn in on beacon hill for his second term. California's Nancy Pelosi makes history as she is elected speaker of the house again and police investigating a beating death at Cambridge park. There are new developments this afternoon and the apparent murder of Kelsey Barrett. She has the Colorado mom that has been missing since thanksgiving. ABC's Clayton Sandell reports in Idaho woman may have helped get rid of a key piece of evidence. Evidence is Kelsey barris cell phone on Thanksgiving Day. Kelsey barris was last seen publicly shopping in a supermarket, and then a few days later on November twenty fifth her cell phone apparently sent a couple of text messages one to her work saying that she was going to be missing work for the next week. And later that day it was detected seven hundred miles away from here in Idaho. Hatrick phrase frac-, births fiance and the father of her one year old child was charged Monday in her murder. Florida. Authorities decide not to prosecute former NFL or NFL player Ruben foster on domestic violence charges. The Washington Redskins linebacker was arrested in Tampa. In November jailed overnight following an assault involving a woman who police say accused foster of hitting her earlier last year as well foster was released from the San Francisco forty Niners following the arrest in November. And then later signed with Washington one of Chicago's most powerful city council members ever charged with attempted extortion. And corruption of his law firm alderman, Ed Burke, has been on the council for half a century and has chaired its finance committee for the last three decades. Burks law firm specializes in property tax appeals and its former clients include President Trump's luxury tower in downtown Chicago. Now, if Burke is convicted he faces up to twenty years in federal prison three twenty now. Forty five degrees. In Boston, sun and clouds this afternoon. A Mississippi woman owes a new kidney to the kindness of a stranger Donnie Drummond diagnosed with kidney failure for years ago. Or husband mentioned this in passing to a cashier at his local breakfast joint. Leilani Aguire didn't miss a beat before volunteering herself as a donor. And it turns out she was a match the Drummond say the woman is now part of the family. You will always be a part of a because you put an extension on my wife, and I can't thank you know, Dwyer. She says this is just good karma, man. I need some the stranger to the operation planned for this spring singer Livia Newton John says tabloid reports of her demise are a bit premature. Olivia Newton John announced in September that she is fighting cancer for the third time. Tabloids recently published reports that she is dying just weeks to live Newton John posted a video online in which she looks healthy and says she's doing great just want to say that the the room is at my have exaggerated to quite a very famous quote. I'm Archie zaraleta? Three twenty one. Now. Don't look at Wall Street today. This it's another massive selloff as the Dow is flirting with six hundred point loss. We are in the final hour of trading. Deep selloff too for the NASDAQ and the s&p five hundred concerns over China's own economy, and the U S China trade dispute is controlling the narrative on Wall Street once again today.

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