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From NPR and WWE Chicago this is wait wait don't tell me The NPR news squids I'm Bill Curtis and I'm Peter sagal it was the most significant day in recent American history and our president was on top of it on the phone calling aids calling allies then apparently binge watching the most recent season of love is blind we don't know it's kind of a mystery We'll ask about the gap in our knowledge plus one of the greatest rock guitarists ever slash tries on our hats and Bill Curtis really doesn't want to be asked anymore about being the model for the movie anchorman I'm dramatically bored of hearing people's opinions about it We'll ask who was really over it and what it is on our quiz coming up right after this hour's news Live from NPR news in Washington I'm Louise Giovanni The International Criminal Court's former chief prosecutor is telling a Swiss publication that Russian president Vladimir Putin is quote a war criminal and an international arrest warrant should be issued for him Carla del Ponte told Swiss newspaper le town that among the war crimes she believes have occurred are attacks on civilians the destruction of civilian buildings and the eradication of entire towns Speaking to NPR this morning Kyiv mayor vitali Klitschko said that is the case with communities surrounding the capital city with whole building schools and infrastructure destroyed and at least hundreds of civilians potentially more than that killed NPR's Nathan rott has more from Kyiv on the situation in Ukraine Mayors of a number of small towns between Kyiv and Ukraine's northern border are saying that Russian troops have withdrawn the western intelligence agencies warn that some are staying behind Russia has said it will now focus its military efforts in the eastern part of the country It's advanced near the capital stalled officials are warning that it could be weeks though until people are able to return to their towns Pockets of Russian troops remain in areas have been mined there are concerns that the fighting in the area could also ramp back up Nathan rob NPR news Keith Price pressures are rising around the world.

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